Talk shows or freak shows?

Talk shows should be called “circus shows” or “freak shows”. What intelligent person in their right mind would go on TV so they could yell at someone? Half the time they’re uneducated and emotionally unstable, I’m sure they don’t need to go on a talk show to make their life better.

What’s worse are the talk show hosts who are bringing these people up on stage and exploiting them. The guy that slept with his best friend’s girlfriend, or the KKK member that insists on saying every racial slur in the book, or the girl that doesn’t know which boy is the father…these are things that happen every day. *I* know they shouldn’t be happening, *you* know it shouldn’t happen, but these talk-show hosts are practically encouraging people into these kinds of behaviors.

There is one talk show that actually seems to try to help the people that come on the show, but it’s still a form of encouragment. Hey, if you’re a fuck-up, or you know someone who is, call this number and you can be on our show!

My landlord is an ass.

My landlord is an ass.

Okay, so I’m not from Canada, I don’t have much body fat, and I must have poor circulation. I’m inside the apartment all friggin day because I can’t get a job yet (I don’t have work visa.) and I’m freezing my ass off.

I called the landlord and he mumbled something about not having it turned on yet and he would send someone over. That was two days ago. I’m wearing two layers of clothes and I have a glove on my mousing hand. Pathetic.
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Ahh, it’s Thursday. I was supposed to go to my grandmother-in-law’s place today to work on her computer, but she’s not feeling well today. I guess I’ll go next week.

I was browsing through my links and saw a site I hadn’t been to in a while, The Misanthropic Bitch, so I took a look at it. I forgot how funny it is. I love sarcastic humor. I agree with a lot of what she says, and I hate it when people beat around the bush about what they want to say, but feel they can’t because they might step on some toes. Just say it like it is!

A beginning.

Well, this is the start of my “blog”. I’m new to this…well, kind of. I’ve had a “My Thoughts” section on my website ever since I started it but didn’t even realize that it could be a blog! I even restructured it a few weeks ago because it was kind of a pain in the butt to enter it the way it was. But now, thanks to the bwg at, I’ve found a useful tool.

I’ll have to be sure to thank him, but first I want to get this looking halfway decent.

New blog!

Woohoo! I think I’ve got it now. 🙂 Yay, this is so cool. Now that I’ve got this working, I just hope it holds my interest. I started the “My Thoughts” section and I thought it was pretty neat, but since I don’t really know HTML all that well, much less JavaScript or anything like that, it was a pain in the batootie to update them every day and archive my thoughts. Ugh.

So now it’s automatic using

Now I’m off to send an e-mail to the bwg!
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testing link
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This is a test of the changes I made to the template.
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Life is an incredible thing.

Life is an incredible thing. Just recently I’ve been faced with a loss in my family, as well as seeing the evidences of others’ grief over lost loved ones.

Sometimes I think it’s harder on those who are still living. Which of cours leads me to wonder what actually happens to the soul when you die.

I’ve been doing a lot of spiritual soul-searching recently. I’ve been focusing on Christianity, I suppose because I was brought up to believe that Christianity is the “right” religion. But I’m still not sure. I have doubts. How can you believe the figurative and age-old Bible? I’m a person who sees things logically and realistically, I have to be literally shown something before I can believe it.

I’ve been reading the Left Behind series lately and now I’m on book 4, Apollyon. It’s very interesting reading and it’s one of the things that has prompted me to find out more about the afterlife, if there is one.

I have many questions to ask. How can we know Jesus was who he said he was? If the way to be “saved” is to believe in Jesus, then what happened to those who lived *before* the New Testament?

There’s another book by one of the Left Behind series authors’ (Tim Lahaye) called “Jesus, Who Is He?” that I *started* to read. I thought it was going to be a little more objective and unbiased than it was, but the author made me feel so *bad* about being skeptic, I felt I had to put it down. I can’t help I think the way I do.