Talk shows or freak shows?

Talk shows should be called “circus shows” or “freak shows”. What intelligent person in their right mind would go on TV so they could yell at someone? Half the time they’re uneducated and emotionally unstable, I’m sure they don’t need to go on a talk show to make their life better.

What’s worse are the talk show hosts who are bringing these people up on stage and exploiting them. The guy that slept with his best friend’s girlfriend, or the KKK member that insists on saying every racial slur in the book, or the girl that doesn’t know which boy is the father…these are things that happen every day. *I* know they shouldn’t be happening, *you* know it shouldn’t happen, but these talk-show hosts are practically encouraging people into these kinds of behaviors.

There is one talk show that actually seems to try to help the people that come on the show, but it’s still a form of encouragment. Hey, if you’re a fuck-up, or you know someone who is, call this number and you can be on our show!

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