Damn, I am sooooo addicted to Diablo II. Well, it’s not as bad as it used to be but I’m still pretty addicted. At least now I don’t see blue and white Diablo text when I close my eyes, or a rapidly depleting life orb. I haven’t played it yet today…no wait, I did this morning. See how it all blends together? I can’t even make sense anymore.

I’m still working on immigrating to Canada and I’ve run into a few snafus recently. Yes, that’s a technical term. Apparently I was given the wrong information for getting my state clearances from Michigan and Colorado. So now that I’ve spent a few more bucks on fingerprints and postage, I’m set to wait another month to get them back. Ugh.

I still have to schedule an appointment for a medical exam too. And why the hell do I have to bring 50mm x 70mm passport photos to a medical exam? That’s just silly.

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