Can you say TGIF?? Okay, I don’t have a job, and it’s not the end of the work week for me, but I can still be glad it’s Friday!! My sweetie will be with me for the next 3 days! (It’s a 3 day weekend in Canada.)

We’re going to a family dinner thingy tomorrow. Speaking of food…I’m starved right now. I’ll eat in a minute…but then I’ll forget that I said that and it’ll end up being a half hour or hour until I actually get food in my stomach.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow…sort of. I mean, I want to see the family and I usually have fun when I do, but we’re broke as hell right now. That sucks. The dinner is at a restaurant about an hour away from where we live so I gotta find a way to pay for our dinner and buy a tank of gas. Argh. It wouldn’t be so bad but we’ve had to catch up on a huge bill recently, so that puts a damper on our fun.

But, overall, I’m glad a three day weekend is here and I get to spend it with my new family!

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