Hockey haps.

Heehee, I was just thinking about the “Spam” song from Monty Python. You could say “Blog” to the same tune. Gosh, I’m silly.

I played hockey twice yesterday and once today — and I have an exhibition game tonight. 🙂 I love hockey. I realized that I’m not even getting sore even though I’m playing more hockey. I guess that’s good because that means I’m toning my muscles now instead of developing them.

I’m kinda nervous about the exhibition game tonight with the Bandits. I’ve never been a backup goalie before so I’m not sure how it’s going to work. I’m thinking that maybe the other goalie and I will split the game. That would be fine with me. I just hope I play better than I did last night.

Last night I went into the game (with the Rec team that I’m on) with the feeling that I wasn’t going to do so good. Maybe it was my pessimism that got to me but I DID try. I let in 2 crappy goals, and one good one. What’s worse is that the other team didn’t have a goalie and we won 4-3. They were playing with 3 forwards, 3 defense and no goalie. Even when they told me that before the game I still felt like I wasn’t going to be on my game.

Like I said, hopefully I do better tonight.

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