Missed hockey. :(

Random Link of the Day

So I was bored and I went to Random.com. It’s kind of a cool link.

I went down to Detroit last weekend. We visited some friends we haven’t seen in a little while and spent too much money. Oh well.

I actually went down there intending on playing in a hockey game with my old team….buuuuut, that didn’t work out so well. Apparently they don’t have the same home ice as they had last year (you’d think we would have worked that out beforehand!) and I ended up missing most of the game. I didn’t get to play because I was too late in finding out they were at another rink. ARGH!

We (my hubby and his friends) arrived at the wrong rink a little earlier than we expected and ended up waiting there for about an hour and a half. I was nervous the entire time because I knew I wanted to play a really good game…but then when I found out I was at the wrong rink, I just broke. How embarrassing. So there I was sitting on my goalie equipment and crying. Ugh. It was a stress reliever, but still very embarrassing.

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