Surreal writing

I was talking to W last night about writing. I’m glad he likes writing, I think it’s really cool and he’s very good at it. Well, that inspired me a little. I have very, um…weird, dreams. I know, who doesn’t? But I tend to remember them very vividly. Usually anyway. Sometimes it’s very disturbing to know what I dreamed about. Anyway, I had one the other night that wasn’t disturbing, just strange. I asked W if he knew of anything such as “surreal writing” or something similar to it. Kind of like Salvadore Dali in written format. He said that he has heard of such a thing, so I told myself to remember to look it up in the morning. I’m surprised I remembered because I was drifting off to sleep at the time.

I looked it up and this is what I found: Surreal Writing

It seems to exist mainly in poetry format. I can do that, but I want to try a story-like format first. I’m going to put up a section on my writings. I have a little bit I can put up right now and maybe I can expand that a little.

Another link on surrealism: Surrealist Writers

Another link on surrealist writers: Surreal Writing

Hey, an update

No lame excuses for not having my blog updated in, like, forEVER! Okay, scratch that, here are my excuses: I installed Linux on my system and was playing around with that, learning C++ on my own, and redesigning my website. There.

I can’t believe it. I’ve found a site on the web that’s cool, owned by a girl, and she likes hockey! I thought I was the only geek-hockey girl. Hahaha! Well, I don’t know if she actually plays hockey and I doubt she’s a goalie so I’ll still consider myself truely unique for the time being. 🙂

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