Taking up space.

Um, I’m not putting much into this thing am I? Hehehe, oh well. I’m a pretty busy girl. It’s amazing how I can be so busy and only work 25 hours a week. 🙂

I’m heading out to pick-up down the street in about 15 minutes. I’m so excited about this weekend. I don’t know if I’m nervous or not… And today was such a nice day, I was happy! I bought a skirt at Bi-Way for $4. That’s my accomplishment that I’m proud of today, hahaha. And I got some shelves for my closet for $15. What a bargain. I’ve already put them together and sorted out my stuff onto it. I guess I’ve been trying to keep busy.

Uh oh, I’m hungry.

After I come back from hockey I’m going to take a quick bath and then I’m out the door to Toronto for the weekend. I finally get to meet Tam AND I get to watch her play. Plus I’ve got some info for a really cool hockey school in August that I want to show her to see if she wants to go. That’d be cool. If not, we can still do the Rick Heinz one. The RH one would probably be better for drills and stuff…but then it’s all guys/boys and it wouldn’t be as fun as staying in a cabin on a lake for the week with a group of girls and going to an all-female hockey school. I dunno, it’s a toss-up for me.

K, I’m gonna go eat a banana before I go.

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