Spam rant

There are two types of e-mail I can’t stand (other than spam).

The first is the one you get that tells you all about a horrible virus that will completely destroy your system if you open the attachment — and most of the time, the so-called “virus” isn’t even a virus. Some unsuspecting dimwit (see gullibility virus gets an e-mail in their inbox and decides he (or she!) should warn every single person in the address book. Now, let me tell you…this is the wrong thing to do. First, go to a reputable site like Symantec and do a search for the “virus”. Chances are, it’s just a hoax and the only harm it does is get your panties in a bunch…and everyone else the hoax gets sent to. Don’t forward it. Ever. Even if it isn’t a hoax. Instead, reply with this to the person that sent it to you in the first place.

Second, there is no way forwarding a single e-mail to X number of people will get you free stuff or free money. It just doesn’t happen! You would think after someone does it once and doesn’t get whatever-it-is, they’d figure it out. But, noooooo. If someone sends you one of these kinds of e-mails, reply with this. But then again, the sender is probably an idiot, and won’t get it.

Oh, there are three kinds.

I forgot about the kind that warns you about The Dangerous Situation that you should watch out for, and make sure you send it on to everyone you know! Not everyone realizes they should park in well-lit areas and not trust strange men. Right? (Sorry, no sarcastic response for this one, you’ll have to come up with your own.)

[Update: Send them to Glurge.]

Don’t send me stupid shit. I’ll have to kick your ass.

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