Random stuff.

Google has a special logo up today for the World Cup kickoff. Speaking of Google, I ordered one of those Google Dilbert mugs — I should be getting it soon!

Pick-up was so much fun last night. I think I’m getting more relaxed in net. I was chatting way more than I usually do — but I was playing worse. I had no concentration. But, that’s what pick-up is for, to have fun. I’ve started working on playing the puck more, and I’m doing ok at it. Out of about 8 or 9 tries last night, I only slightly screwed up twice. I’m gettin’ better. I can certainly tell that playing only once a week is having an effect on my game. I don’t feel as quick or as comfortable in net. But that’s ok too, because it’s the summer and I haven’t really taken a break in 4 years (except for a month here and there) so it’s kinda nice to trim it down a bit.

And warm weather is finally here on a weekend! I don’t believe it!

And just in case I don’t get time to post again today:


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