Gaming Addictions

Wow, I didn’t even know Magic Online was out. I’ve always been interested in the game but haven’t played it for two reasons. 1. I don’t know anyone that plays or would play with me (except Wayde) and 2. If I were to get cards and seek out local shops that host games, the game is already so well entrenched that I’d get my ass handed to me every game. But, Magic Online dispells both of those reasons.

Great, another addiction for me. I already find it hard to fit in Morrowind, not to mention a game of HeroClix or Warcraft III now and then. Too many games, not enough time. Damn this thing called work!! Of course, if I didn’t work, I couldn’t afford my addictions.

I’m back.

I’m back and fully recovered from the weekend. 🙂 I ended up working from home yesterday but didn’t get time to post. I’m a bad weblogger.

The weekend was great! It was great to see friends in Michigan again, and the Art Fairs in Trenton and Wyandotte were pretty cool. Personally, I liked the one in Wyandotte better — less boring countryish house decorations and more cool stuff.

I got my laptop too, YAY! The thing is, it’s missing the external floppy cable and the OS has the Administrator password set. I don’t have either the password or the cable, so getting into the system is going to be a bit of a pain. I planned on reloading it anyway, since it currently has Windows 2K Pro on it, and I’m not so fond of that OS. Too much of a system hog. I brought it in to work today hoping that I’d get a chance to see if I can get it to boot off of a ME or XP cd. Eventually I can just buy an external floppy cable from eBay or something. I’m just happy to have a laptop. I’m cool now. Hehehe.

I have a ton o’ things to do today, and most of them don’t even involve work! Argh! Damn these chores, I just wanna play!

I didn’t go.

My class reunion took place a few weeks ago — I didn’t go. One, I would have to drive (or somehow arrange to get the time and way to get there) from Waterloo, Ontario to Havelock, North Carolina. The time off was more of an issue than the getting there, with my company balancing precariously on edge these last couple of months. Two, I’m not sure it would have been all that great. I remember many people from my high school class, but I doubt I would be remembered. I was more like a fly on the wall, as I recall my junior and senior years (I was at a different school for my freshman and sophomore years). I didn’t attend any extra-curricular activities, although I wanted to, and having friends and fun outside of school was practically non-existent, unless they lived within walking distance.

It looks like they had fun though, and maybe I’m wrong about people knowing who I am, and I’m only a little sorry I didn’t go. There was a pretty active Yahoo group for the senior class prior to the reunion, which is how many of the details got ironed out. There was one point where certain individuals were being juvenile and asinine, which is when I decided not to go. I shouldn’t have let that be one of the deciding factors either.

Maybe I’ll feel differently in 5 years, when it’s time for the 15-year reunion. Somehow, I doubt it.

From the article, “Dino Nowak, who traveled from Los Angeles where he’s been working as a physical trainer to entertainment celebrities, says it feels like more than 10 years have passed.” Hahaha, yeah, like the time I bought him a bunch of balloons weighted down by Tootsie Roll pops, because I had the hugest crush ever on him. I was too embarrassed to even speak to him, even when he thanked me. *blush* <– I would get extremely red if he even looked my way. Ah, puppy love. You may remember this entry from a while ago when I was actually thinking about going to the reunion.

Outta here.

Okay peeps, listen up. I’m outta here for the weekend. I’m going to be in Detroit (or “Detroy-it” as they say here in Canada) to see some friends for the weekend. I’ll be seeing Tracy and C.P. while we’re there, as well as taking in the Art Street Fair in Wyandotte, one of the many places I’ve lived. The only bummer about the weekend is that I left my digital camera in Erie, with my sister-in-law, but she’s going to have a baby ANY day now, so she’s more than welcome to use it. 🙂

I need to pack and then I’m outta here. I have less than an hour to get going. Have a good weekend!

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Superhero movies!

To add to the myriad of superhero movies coming out over the next couple of years, there’s going to be a Batman vs. Superman movie too. And what makes it especially cool is that the script is written by the guy that did Se7en and directed by the guy that did The Perfect Storm. I’m not a big fan of The Perfect Storm, I thought the special effects were a little cheesy, but it was still a good movie.

(link via Rick)

Here are some other movies from the comic universe that are coming out:

Daredevil (2003) — with Ben Affleck as DD!! *swoon*
The Hulk (2003) — directed by Ang Lee!
X2 (2003) — aka X-Men 2
Batman: Year One (2003)

I also heard that there may be a Wonder Woman movie coming out, possibly with Lucy Lawless, Chyna from the WWF, or most recently Sandra Bullock as Princess Diana, but that’s just a rumor. There’s more on the Wonder Woman movie if you’re interested.

More rumors:

Catwoman (2004)
Fantastic Four (2003 – 04)
Iron Man (2004)
Watchmen (2004+)


I’m back from the long weekend! Did y’all miss me?

It was a great weekend. We just hung out with Ray and Jen all weekend, not doing much, so it was pretty relaxing. For some reason I sleep a whole lot better at other people’s houses than I do at home. I think our bed must just suck the big one. I didn’t sleep for shit last night, but all three days this weekend I didn’t roll out of bed until about 10am or later. Granted, I was staying up a but later, but not that much later.

Jen is about ready to pop! I’m surprised she didn’t go into labor while we were there. I accidentally left my digital camera there so I need to call them to tell them they better use it when the baby is born!

I have stuffs to do, so I better get to it, but I’ll be posting throughout the day today. I just wanted to let my wonderful readers know I’m back. 🙂

Wanna buy a hockey team for a coupla million on ebay? (Link via Thursday)