I’m back from the long weekend! Did y’all miss me?

It was a great weekend. We just hung out with Ray and Jen all weekend, not doing much, so it was pretty relaxing. For some reason I sleep a whole lot better at other people’s houses than I do at home. I think our bed must just suck the big one. I didn’t sleep for shit last night, but all three days this weekend I didn’t roll out of bed until about 10am or later. Granted, I was staying up a but later, but not that much later.

Jen is about ready to pop! I’m surprised she didn’t go into labor while we were there. I accidentally left my digital camera there so I need to call them to tell them they better use it when the baby is born!

I have stuffs to do, so I better get to it, but I’ll be posting throughout the day today. I just wanted to let my wonderful readers know I’m back. 🙂

Wanna buy a hockey team for a coupla million on ebay? (Link via Thursday)

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