Superhero movies!

To add to the myriad of superhero movies coming out over the next couple of years, there’s going to be a Batman vs. Superman movie too. And what makes it especially cool is that the script is written by the guy that did Se7en and directed by the guy that did The Perfect Storm. I’m not a big fan of The Perfect Storm, I thought the special effects were a little cheesy, but it was still a good movie.

(link via Rick)

Here are some other movies from the comic universe that are coming out:

Daredevil (2003) — with Ben Affleck as DD!! *swoon*
The Hulk (2003) — directed by Ang Lee!
X2 (2003) — aka X-Men 2
Batman: Year One (2003)

I also heard that there may be a Wonder Woman movie coming out, possibly with Lucy Lawless, Chyna from the WWF, or most recently Sandra Bullock as Princess Diana, but that’s just a rumor. There’s more on the Wonder Woman movie if you’re interested.

More rumors:

Catwoman (2004)
Fantastic Four (2003 – 04)
Iron Man (2004)
Watchmen (2004+)

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