I didn’t go.

My class reunion took place a few weeks ago — I didn’t go. One, I would have to drive (or somehow arrange to get the time and way to get there) from Waterloo, Ontario to Havelock, North Carolina. The time off was more of an issue than the getting there, with my company balancing precariously on edge these last couple of months. Two, I’m not sure it would have been all that great. I remember many people from my high school class, but I doubt I would be remembered. I was more like a fly on the wall, as I recall my junior and senior years (I was at a different school for my freshman and sophomore years). I didn’t attend any extra-curricular activities, although I wanted to, and having friends and fun outside of school was practically non-existent, unless they lived within walking distance.

It looks like they had fun though, and maybe I’m wrong about people knowing who I am, and I’m only a little sorry I didn’t go. There was a pretty active Yahoo group for the senior class prior to the reunion, which is how many of the details got ironed out. There was one point where certain individuals were being juvenile and asinine, which is when I decided not to go. I shouldn’t have let that be one of the deciding factors either.

Maybe I’ll feel differently in 5 years, when it’s time for the 15-year reunion. Somehow, I doubt it.

From the article, “Dino Nowak, who traveled from Los Angeles where he’s been working as a physical trainer to entertainment celebrities, says it feels like more than 10 years have passed.” Hahaha, yeah, like the time I bought him a bunch of balloons weighted down by Tootsie Roll pops, because I had the hugest crush ever on him. I was too embarrassed to even speak to him, even when he thanked me. *blush* <– I would get extremely red if he even looked my way. Ah, puppy love. You may remember this entry from a while ago when I was actually thinking about going to the reunion.

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