I’m back.

I’m back and fully recovered from the weekend. 🙂 I ended up working from home yesterday but didn’t get time to post. I’m a bad weblogger.

The weekend was great! It was great to see friends in Michigan again, and the Art Fairs in Trenton and Wyandotte were pretty cool. Personally, I liked the one in Wyandotte better — less boring countryish house decorations and more cool stuff.

I got my laptop too, YAY! The thing is, it’s missing the external floppy cable and the OS has the Administrator password set. I don’t have either the password or the cable, so getting into the system is going to be a bit of a pain. I planned on reloading it anyway, since it currently has Windows 2K Pro on it, and I’m not so fond of that OS. Too much of a system hog. I brought it in to work today hoping that I’d get a chance to see if I can get it to boot off of a ME or XP cd. Eventually I can just buy an external floppy cable from eBay or something. I’m just happy to have a laptop. I’m cool now. Hehehe.

I have a ton o’ things to do today, and most of them don’t even involve work! Argh! Damn these chores, I just wanna play!

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