Random stuff.

If you haven’t checked out Wayde’s World News lately, you should. Not only does it have a slick new look, but today’s article is pretty damn funny.

My posts are few and far between now. I don’t know why, really, I want to post but I have nothing interesting to say. Nothing non-baby related anyway. 😉

I miss hockey — it gave me something other than work to talk about. Work has been stressful lately, so I don’t want to think about that right now.

Oh, I dreamt about hockey players recently. Night before last, actually. Darcy Tucker, Shayne Corson, and Patrick Roy were all in my dream. It was strange, I tell ya. I could see their faces as clear as day in my dream, and of course they were wearing their Leaf jerseys. For some reason I was living in military housing (with Wayde) and had to share a house with Patrick Roy. I was disgusted at first (I don’t like him!) but then the idea of getting daily tips from a pro appealed to me. I’m not sure what role Shayne and Darcy played in my dream, but I remember talking to Darcy. Then, someone came to my door and was asking about joining a hockey league, but he (not sure who he was) recognized me as being “that high-level goalie” and thought that he couldn’t join the league because he’s not good.

Wow, I had no idea I thought of myself that way. 🙂

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