We’re here!

We’re here!

The drive to TO yesterday afternoon pretty much sucked. Usually we’re able to get from our front door to downtown TO in about an hour, but it took us closer to 2 1/2. We left plenty early enough to miss rush hour traffic, but ended up stuck in traffic because of an accident and missing the turn-off for the Gardiner. At least I didn’t have to pee. 🙂

We didn’t do much when we got here. We checked in, Wayde did the obligatory “jump on the bed when you get in the room”:


We enjoyed the view for a while:


Then we went to eat, and by the time we were done we were both pretty tired so we went back to the room and watched a movie. Oh yeah, we’re supposed to get four movie tickets to the Paramount theater but they only had two left so we got the two left plus two in-room movies. It works out well because we were too tired to go anywhere last night anyway — :wayde: was up until 4am the previous night and I didn’t get much sleep either.

We’re off!

My dog is a traitor.

Porter gets a nice little walk every weekday afternoon by two of our local neighborhood kids. They’re brothers (twins) and they share the payment. Porter likes it because he gets to get out of the house for a little bit during the day and he loves kids. Well, they asked if Porter could stay at their house overnight yesterday (how cute!) so he has been with them since yesterday morning. One of the boys came over just a little while ago to see if Porter had any toys they could use to play with him…and Porter didn’t want to come in! He was visibly trying to avoid looking at the front door. Little traitor. He didn’t want to see his Angela! 🙁

I don’t blame him though. He is probably getting lots more attention there than he would here because he has two boys to play with, rather than sitting at my feet while I type away at the computer or watch TV. I hope that it just means he’ll really get along with the baby and they’ll be buddies. It still hurts my feelings, though.

Today is my last day of work! I’ll have to make sure I remember to bring home the GoalieCam and set it up here. I have most of my stuff from work that I’ll need here, I’ve brought a little bit home for the last two days. It’s amazing how much you collect when you don’t realize it.

Go Leafs!

We had an awesome day yesterday! After breakfast, we wandered past city hall toward the Eaton Centre and then down Yonge St. We had actually intended to go down Queen Street, but got distracted by the outdoor ice rink in front of City Hall. 🙂

Wayde got a really cool Austrailian rugby jersey.

Best of all, we managed to buy some tickets for the Leafs vs Hurricanes game! Woohoo! The seats were frickin’ awesome. Gold section, row 12, behind the home goal. Dude. It rocked.

We got there during first intermission (which is why we got a great deal on the tix) and the ‘Canes were winning 1-0, but shortly after the 2nd period started the Leafs scored their first goal of the game. Here’s a pic!

They went on to win the game 4-1…I like to think it’s because we showed up. Hehehe.

We got lots of pics with the digicam, including this nice close-up of Sundin about to take a face-off.


Now we’re off to breakfast and checkout. See ya!