My dog is a traitor.

Porter gets a nice little walk every weekday afternoon by two of our local neighborhood kids. They’re brothers (twins) and they share the payment. Porter likes it because he gets to get out of the house for a little bit during the day and he loves kids. Well, they asked if Porter could stay at their house overnight yesterday (how cute!) so he has been with them since yesterday morning. One of the boys came over just a little while ago to see if Porter had any toys they could use to play with him…and Porter didn’t want to come in! He was visibly trying to avoid looking at the front door. Little traitor. He didn’t want to see his Angela! 🙁

I don’t blame him though. He is probably getting lots more attention there than he would here because he has two boys to play with, rather than sitting at my feet while I type away at the computer or watch TV. I hope that it just means he’ll really get along with the baby and they’ll be buddies. It still hurts my feelings, though.

Today is my last day of work! I’ll have to make sure I remember to bring home the GoalieCam and set it up here. I have most of my stuff from work that I’ll need here, I’ve brought a little bit home for the last two days. It’s amazing how much you collect when you don’t realize it.

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