Yep, I really am a geek.

So Wayde and I are being irresponsible. We decided that on the Irresponsibility Scale of 1 to 10, it’s about a 5 — not as bad as showing up to work drunk and accidentally breaking the domain controller, but worse than forgetting walk the dog.

We’re both getting new computers. Kick-ass ones at that. With the prices of systems coming down these days, well, we figured we had better get on it right away if we’re going to make any money selling off our old ones. We have four computers, Wayde and I each have one and we have two extra set up in the basement for gaming/learning/etc. We’re selling the two in the basement, plus selling Wayde’s, and putting that money back on the credit card. (Yay, Airmiles!)

Wayde, of course, is keeping his kick-ass video card I got him a few weeks ago. But he needs a new monitor so we’re getting him a 19″ Samsung flat-screen that’s on special. I don’t need a monitor, I’ve got a cool 19″ Viewsonic, but I do need a video card so I’m getting one of those — the same exact one Wayde has, cuz it’s cool.

Both of our systems are basically the same:
NVIDIA Geforce4 – 128M and damn near the best out right now
Asus A7V8X-X motherboard – new nForce chipset that’s supposed to be awesome
Athlon XP CPU – 1.8G, overclockable
40G HD 7200RPM

The only real difference is that Wayde is getting a DVD drive and I’m getting a DVD/CDRW. We figure we only need one and I’m selling my old external USB CD-RW (link is to the internal one, but it’s the same model).

My computer is going in the basement. We’ll be using it as a “server” of sorts. I’ve got two 20G hard drives and we already use the second for storage, so we’ll continue to do that but it will now also serve as an extra gaming system and system for learning on.

Speaking of learning… I installed VMWare on my system the other day (after reloading the whole damn thing) and successfully installed RedHat 9 through it. VMWare rocks! If you ever want to test out an OS, but don’t want to go through the hassle of dual-boot, use VMWare. It’s cool. So anyway, I installed RedHat and since it’s basically running at the same time XP is running, I can pop out of it and surf Google for any questions I might have, and believe me, I’ve already had quite a few.

Maybe that geek test was right.

I reloaded my system.

I reloaded my system yesterday, what a pain in the butt. I needed to though, I had two partitions and I didn’t use one and the other was overcrowded with stuff — I needed the space. Surprisingly, I’m back up and running fairly quickly. I’m sure I’ll be installing programs as I need them. I’ve got all the most-often used installed.

I was thinking of installing this plugin for Winamp. Seems like a cool idea! I had a streaming MP3 server running once, but it didn’t last long. This one looks like it will let you select a song, which is neat-o!

Gallery update.

I’ve changed my photos section a bit. I downloaded a photo gallery program I’ve been eyeing for a while and finally made a go of it.

It still needs some customization done, but all the photos are there. This will make adding photos a heck of a lot easier, therefore updates will happen more frequently!

Matrix: Reloaded

We went to see Matrix: Reloaded last night. I have to say it, I was disappointed. The opening scene was pretty cool, but the rest of it was pretty silly. It seemed like the entire movie was made up of scenes patched together — there was no flow to the story, character development was sorely lacking, and even the fight scenes were a little too drawn out for me. Oh, and the ending really pissed me off too, but I won’t give anything away if you’re thinking of wasting your money on it.


I used to use WheresGeorge quite a lot. Today I got a notification e-mail saying that someone entered a $20 bill I had. It has been 3 Yrs, 231 Days, 6 Hrs, 13 Mins since I entered it. Wow. I thought I’d never get a hit again. In fact, I had totally forgotten about Where’s George!

Shortly after I moved to Canada, the same guy that runs Where’s George started up Where’s Willy, especially for Canadian currency.

Quick, post!

Okay, I’ve got a few minutes to post (finally!) while the Nipple Demon is sleeping. I better hurry before he wakes up!

Unfortunately, now that the Wings and the Leafs are out of the playoffs, I don’t seem to have much interest in watching any playoff games. I must not be a true hockey fan. But, damn, the games are BORING! Especially the Ottawa/Philly games. Low-scoring neutral-zone play. Yuck. I hate Ottawa with a passion so I have to root for Philly (sorry, Whistler) but I think the Sens are gonna win anyway. Dammit.

I got a funny .jpg in my e-mail today and I was going to post it, but I deleted it. (Mommy-brain is starting to set in, I think!) It was a pic of Cujo skating around a rink holding up a set of golf clubs (as opposed to the Cup) — hahaha! Hm, maybe you have to see it to appreciate it.

I think spring may finally be arriving! It has been rainy and somewhat cool here lately with the temperature hovering in the late teens (60’s F). I took Bruce on a little walk today just to get out of the house for a bit. But, on the downside, that also means there’s lots of mud and guess who decided he’d get caked in it? Yep, my dog Porter. Little rat. Oh well, he’s gonna get hosed off! This also means that warmer days are coming! Yay!

If only I could shed these pregnancy pounds before I break out the shorts (that don’t fit me right now!) for summer. More walks are in order! And in another week, I can start going back to the gym, yay!

I have lots to do to this blog, but no time. I want to reinstate the Hockey Skins, but that is going to take time and troubleshooting. It may even mean no more collapsing comments. But the Hockey Skins are way cooler than collapsing comments, no?