Quick, post!

Okay, I’ve got a few minutes to post (finally!) while the Nipple Demon is sleeping. I better hurry before he wakes up!

Unfortunately, now that the Wings and the Leafs are out of the playoffs, I don’t seem to have much interest in watching any playoff games. I must not be a true hockey fan. But, damn, the games are BORING! Especially the Ottawa/Philly games. Low-scoring neutral-zone play. Yuck. I hate Ottawa with a passion so I have to root for Philly (sorry, Whistler) but I think the Sens are gonna win anyway. Dammit.

I got a funny .jpg in my e-mail today and I was going to post it, but I deleted it. (Mommy-brain is starting to set in, I think!) It was a pic of Cujo skating around a rink holding up a set of golf clubs (as opposed to the Cup) — hahaha! Hm, maybe you have to see it to appreciate it.

I think spring may finally be arriving! It has been rainy and somewhat cool here lately with the temperature hovering in the late teens (60’s F). I took Bruce on a little walk today just to get out of the house for a bit. But, on the downside, that also means there’s lots of mud and guess who decided he’d get caked in it? Yep, my dog Porter. Little rat. Oh well, he’s gonna get hosed off! This also means that warmer days are coming! Yay!

If only I could shed these pregnancy pounds before I break out the shorts (that don’t fit me right now!) for summer. More walks are in order! And in another week, I can start going back to the gym, yay!

I have lots to do to this blog, but no time. I want to reinstate the Hockey Skins, but that is going to take time and troubleshooting. It may even mean no more collapsing comments. But the Hockey Skins are way cooler than collapsing comments, no?

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