Weight loss.

I hit a milestone! I can now fit in my smallest preggo jeans — the ones I bought when I was just starting to get too big for my regular jeans — they’re just a size bigger than I normally wear. Woohoo! Only 7 pounds to go to get back to my pre-preg weight, and then I want to try for another 5.

I’m so excited!

When I start playing hockey again, I bet it’ll just melt away. 🙂

Weight, go away!

I’ve been going to RIM Park and using the new paved trails — they’re great for rollerblading. I got a little adventurous and followed a trail, not knowing where it would lead. It looked like it was going to loop around the golf course, but really it went to about 3/4 of the way and stopped, so I had to skate back. I figure (from the trail map) that the skate I go on is about 5 miles. Wow! It’s a great skate too. I hope it’s not rainy tomorrow morning because I plan on going then. I’ve got 7 lbs to go before I’ve lost all of my pregnancy weight, and then I’d like to lose another 5 on top of that. The skate at RIM park is a great cardio workout. I take my Nomad with me and it’s a blast.

I’m scouting out the area to see if there is any ice time I can pick up during the week. There’s a couple of drop-in sessions around lunch time, but I need to find someone that can watch Bruce for a coupla hours. I’d like to go at least once a week if I can — gotta get back into the groove for next season!

New PCs

Well, Wayde and I are both up and running with our new pc’s. Yay! My old system is downstairs in the basement serving as a place for storage and an extra gaming system. It still has XP on it (and it’ll probably stay that way) so we can Remote Desktop into it — we’re lazy and don’t want to have to walk downstairs if we need to. Ha!

Two things are left to do: Take back the crappy speakers I have and upgrade to the ones Wayde has. I got cheaper speakers and, man, does it ever sound different. When I first listened to them I was astounded by how crappy they sound. Wayde is also taking back the DVD player he got with his. It wouldn’t install his current favorite game from CD, even though the CD worked fine on other computers in the house. He took the DVDROM out of my old system so he’s taking back the new one and getting a plain ol’ CDROM to put in it’s place.

I got Morrowind for the PC with my video card. Woot! We have it for the X-Box and have recently got back into playing it (somehow we stopped around the time I got pregnant, but now that we’re at home more, it’s become our fave again). So I installed it on my PC just to check out how it played and see how my new vid card holds up….Dood. It rocks. I think I might just play it on my computer now.:) Of course, I still have my character on X-Box, but it’s not going anywhere. Sometimes I’m stuck in the basement with Brucie feeding or sleeping, so I can catch up on it then if I want.

I took a couple of screenshots from Morrowind during my test run. Here’s my new desktop.


K, I’ve got some playin’ to do before Bruce wakes up!