Fitness assessment

I’m participating in a music trade and it was my turn to compile a CD. I put it up a few days ago, I guess we’ll see how everyone likes it (or not). I needed a new ass-kickin’ CD so that’s what I made, lots of upbeat ass-kickin’ songs. Stuff to get you mooovin’. So far, some people seem to like it, so that’s good. 🙂

I did the SAHM (that’s Stay At Home Mom) thing today. I went berzerk on the kitchen and totally uncluttered and cleaned it. It looks awesome. I’ve never been so proud of housework. Heh. I also somewhat did the living room, but not completely. Sheesh. I’m such a mom. See what having kids will do to ya?

I play hockey tomorrow night, YAY! I’ll be playing with the Guelph guys again, so it’ll be fun. They all think I kick ass. 😀 That’s so cool. Currently the afternoon shinny I go to is cancelled until the beginning of August. So, until August 8th, I don’t have much hockey to play unless I’m invited to play somewhere.

I went to the gym today and had my fitness assessment. It’s not fair to ask a woman that just had a baby 3 months ago to go through a fitness assessment, but I did okay. I was off-the-chart above average on a few of the items, and below or average on the rest. I did crappy on body fat percentage, flexibility, and cardio, but did totally awesome on the wall-sit (2 minutes +). push ups (35) and sit ups (63 in one minute). I could have done more push ups but they were the “girly style” and I stopped at 35 because 25 was the upper limit of above average anyway. I’ve never done those kind of push ups, I always do the “male” kind. 🙂 And as for sit-ups, I probably coulda pushed it harder, but did good anyway. I was pretty surprised at how low my flexibility was, but then again, I did yoga yesterday and I’m probably kinda tight from doing that. I’ll still work on flexibility — it’s one of my goals anyway. And as for body fat and cardio…well, what can I say. I’ve still got 5 pounds of pregnancy weight to lose and I have only just started getting back in to exercising.

So. Tomorrow I’m going to the gym to do their Pilates class, then playing hockey tomorrow night, going to the gym Saturday morning to do some cardio and/or weights, depending on how I feel. I’m stilll really sore from doing a full upper body workout two days ago.

I’ll be fit by October, you watch…just in time for hockey season!

Wal-Mart hates Canada.

I played in a hockey game yesterday for the first time in over a year. Woohoo!
Not only did I play, but I got First Star of the Game too. Can you believe it? I never would have thought I’d be playing this good so soon after taking a year off. Granted, they gave me 1st star because I got shelled and kept the score to a 4-1 loss, but still…

It was a lot of fun! I was asked to fill in for a practice/shinny hockey session on Friday and after the practice the guy that runs it said I played great (!!) and wanted to know if I’d be available to play in Toronto on Sunday. I was thrilled to be playing in an actual game — they’re so much more fun than shinny hockey.

The other team was pretty cool too, and there didn’t seem to be one asshole on the ice, which is unusual. You usually see at least one, or maybe I just didn’t notice. (You know, too busy getting pummelled with pucks!) The team I played for was kind of expecting to lose, so there was no pressure and everyone had fun.

Wayde got some cool photos of the game. I’ll put them up in my hockey gallery as soon as I get a chance.


[Note: The following is cut and pasted from the baby blog.]

I think Wal-Mart hates Canada. I uploaded pictures to their site, thinking I could order the prints online and have my Mom pick them up at her local store — I’d save on shipping and it’d be ultra-convenient for her. But guess what? They won’t take my Canadian credit card. You hafe to fill out a form with your address to verify your credit card, but the drop-down “state” list doesn’t have Ontario. Nor do they accept my postal code. Dammit. It woulda been so cool to do that!

I was thinking that maybe I could get their “online shopping card” and put it on that but (duh!!) you have to pay for it online.

They have a German, Chinese, even Korean website, but not one for Canada. Bah.

What really sucks is that if I want to ship prints to my mom using an online service it’s more expensive — not only because of shipping, but also because they all charge about 15 to 25 cents more per print. Insane! Wal-Mart charges .26 per print, charges .49 per print (unless you order a large amount) and charges .39 per print (again, unless you order a lot). PlanetFoto looks cool, they let you pick up your prints at a local shop, but they don’t have one local to my mom or Wayde’s mom.

I’m going to try to go to Wal-Mart tomorrow to get a Shopping Card if I can — hopefully it will let me order online from Canada.