It was great!

We visited Wayde’s parents this weekend in Lapeer, Michigan. It was a surprise visit so they weren’t expecting us. Wayde took the day off “sick” (which is why this is in the Members Only area, heh) and we drove over just in time to arrive as April got home. Wayde’s dad was home already, cutting the grass. They were really happy to see us.

We got Bruce’s birth certificate, finally, which meant we could cross the border with no hassle. Unfortunately, Porter had to stay home because we didn’t have his shots up to date, something I need to remedy ASAP.

Wayde’s dad is hilarious. He has certainly changed a lot since I’ve come to know him, and I think most of the changing has been done since his grandkids were born. Friday night after we got there, he was acting like a little kid, getting out neat and interesting things to see if Bruce would take an interest in them. A small harmonica, a pen light, a flashlight, you name it. It was pretty cute. He also took Bruce in the back yard and walked around with him for a bit too, which I thought was very sweet.

I’m glad we made the trip to see them. It was a pretty nice weekend overall.


I’ve been bad. After reading Tracy’s entry about her adventure with the Harry Potter books, I decided to get my own. I figure I’ll enjoy reading them and I got hardback editions so they’ll be around for when Brucie gets older. I got the Order of the Phoenix and the first four books in a set. I also got Brucie some Dr Seuss Books for a good price — did you know they cost like $15CAD new? Holy cripes.

Ok, I’m outta here. Goin’ for a run now. 🙂

Hackey Yak Forum

Hey, all you hockey fans! I now have a Hackey Yak Forum for hockey lovers to chat, chide and blast about “hackey”.

I’ve been running an e-mailing list for about 3-4 years now and we have quite a few vocal members. It’s a fun list. We talk about trade rumors, recent games, who sucks, who doesn’t, pretty much anything hockey related. I’ve sent out an announcement to the list letting the subscribers know there’s a new forum, so hopefully it wil lbe well received.

If not, that’s okay. I don’t plan on retiring the e-mailing list.

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

My neighbor likes these three songs:

1. Bryan Adams – Please Forgive Me
2. Bryan Adams – All For One
3. Enigma – Sadeness Part I

And she repeats them over, and over, and over… I swear, every time she puts on music, these three songs are the only ones she has in her CD player (or whatever). It’s really quite annoying.

It could be slightly worse. Last summer I remember an annoying rap song playing on repeat — literally for hours. I could only hear the baseline through the wall. Yes, it was awful. I still know the beat and can hear it in my head when I think about it. Gack.

Wayde’s World Weblog

I’ve got a new weblog for y’all to peruse. I helped Wayde out with his pMachine installation and setting up the layout (with random styles, how cool is that?!). So head on over to Wayde’s World Weblog and say Hi.

I’ve sort of been bugging him for a long time to have a weblog. He was very hesitant to “jump on the bandwagon”. But I told him, many times, that he would probably actually have an interesting weblog. He always has interesting things to say (um, I’m probably a little biased) and I know I would enjoy reading it. Plus, he’s always writing articles and posting them on his website, this would be an easy way to manage them — rather than hand-coding (or even using FrontPage) the HTML.

His latest post includes pictures of our local take on the power outage that occured on Thursday. He loves the night mode on the camera. 🙂

We had no power.

Our power went out just after 4pm yesterday and at first I thought it was just a small thing, it turns out I was wrong. We were in the middle of a enormous power outage across Ontario, New York, Michigan, Ohio, and other states.

It was actually pretty cool because it meant that no one had a reason to stay indoors. The entire co-op was outside barbequeing, drinking, socializing. Someone even broke out a guitar sometime during the evening and there was singing.

A rarity in the city, we were actually able to see the stars, and a LOT of them. I would’ve been out to catch a glimpse of Mars, but since there was no light from the city, there were many more stars to see. A neighbor even pointed out the Andromeda galaxy to me with his binoculars — that was awesome!

I broke out a battery operated radio sometime during the evening to try to find out what was going on, but I heard conflicting reports about the source of the blackout (and even now no one really knows) and that the US and Canada were exchanging blame.

Bruce and I slept in the basement (me on the couch, B in his Pack N Play) since the upstairs is so friggin’ hot and Wayde slept on the futon. I couldn’t sleep too well, but that was to be expected. I woke up at 5am when the power came back on, since everything switched on at the same time.

Here’s a pic of a dude in Toronto that started directing traffic during the power outage:


A man directing traffic in Toronto.

Bad bad dog!

Poor Porter is starving for attention. He let me know by getting into some stuff (peanuts off of the counter) while I was out taking Bruce to his appointment today. Along with the peanuts I found parmesan (unopened thankfully), plastic wrap (who knows where he got it, probably the recycling bin) and a sock.


Bad dog!