Jeans for short people don’t exist.

I always have this problem when I go looking for a new pair of jeans. I’m 5′ tall, I’m short-waisted and short-legged — add all these together and it makes it nearly impossible to find something that fits.

I don’t have a way to hem jeans myself, and don’t really want to take them to ta place to be hemmed because most jeans nowadays are pre-faded and I think it might look silly. Plus, it’s just the principle of it, I mean I just want to buy a pair that fits!

I’ve tried on and looked at many different styles over the last week or so and this is what happens:
1. Some of the petite/short styles have tapered legs. WTF? That’s not even in style anymore! Do they think short people don’t have style?

2. ALL of the places I went to had nothing shorter than a 30″ inseam. That’s way too long for me — I need a 29 at the most, preferably a 28.

3. The 30″ inseams all are really really low rise. I mean really. A year ago this might have been okay, but post-baby it’s just NOT an option. (I tried on a pair today and just about laughed myself out of the store.)

4. A lot of places don’t carry petite/short lengths at ALL.
The thing that I do like is that stretch jeans are back in style, they’re more comfy and will expand and contract during those days when I’m bloated (or just had too many carbs lately).

In one of the places I tried jeans on, they had a section for “Long and Lean”. Just as the salesperson asked me if I could need any help, I thought “Where’s the Short and Squat section?” I didn’t ask, but I should have.

When I lived in the States, Sears had a kind that fit me great. I don’t remember what they are now (yes, it’s been that long since I bought a new pair of jeans) and the Sears here in Canada doesn’t carry them.

That’s another problem. I’ve heard Old Navy makes some good styles for short people but they don’t ship to Canada. There’s an Old Navy outlet, but it’s not too close. Maybe I’ll make a trip to it tomorrow. Oh, and the Levi’s outlet near me sucks — their petite’s are tapered legs. Ugh.

So, there have GOT to be other short people out there with the same problem as me!

Anyone have any ideas? What kind of jeans do YOU like?

Porter does NOT like the meter reader!

My dog is one of the kindest, gentlest dogs you’d ever meet. He’s a sucker for attention, wonderful with kids, and isn’t the least bit territorial. It’s a joke in our house that if someone tried to rob us, Porter would most likely drown the burglar in slobber before anything else.

I’ve heard Porter give a low growl to some older men, which I think is because the people who gave him up might have beat him and I’m guessing that one of them was an older man. We got Porter from my roommate 4 years ago and she got him from the pound. When we first got him he was really shy around feet and was a VERY well-behaved dog. You couldn’t pet him with your foot, he would cower away. He’s okay with it now, but he’s had lots of time to become used to a loving environment.

Anyway, I’m rambling. Despite is great disposition, he does NOT like it at ALL when the guy comes to read the meter. Porter is usually outside on a leash (his Husky side of him takes over if he’s not on the leash and he doesn’t come back to us) during the day when it’s not hot, so he’s usually out there when the meter reader guy comes. I know when he comes because Porter starts barking — and Porter doesn’t bark that often, it’s very rare. So, of course, I go out there to get Porter and hold on to him and/or bring him inside. Porter’s hair stand’s up on end and he growls too. It’s not an all-out vicious bark, but more like a warning.

It’s very strange to me because I’ve never seen him act this way with anyone else. We live in a co-op so there are lots of people that walk by on their way to the community garden while Porter is outside, and he doesn’t have a problem with any of them. Even when we first moved here, he never acted that way with anyone — even if we weren’t there when he met them.

I have had Porter for a while but I’ve never owned another dog, so I was wondering if anyone else has a dog that behaves this way? It’s just so odd to me. I almost wonder if the meter reader guy is a “bad” man and Porter can sense that. He seems nice.

She’s alive!

Well, now. Lots of things have been going on and I’m trying to settle back into a routine, which includes getting back on track with my Blog. Of course, as soon as I get it all worked out, we’ll be moving and it will upset my schedule again.

My mom was here for a week and a half — it was great having her here! Not having any family around, I have become used to not having help with Bruce, but having my Mom here made a world of difference! We went to the cottage for a few days, then hung around here for a few days and then she had to go back. She had a great time with B, and he was pretty cranky the day after she left, so I’m sure he was missing her too.

While she was here we bought a house. Yeah, that quickly. We were half-heartedly looking, just trying to get a feel for the market, when the perfect house popped up. It was vacant already so we felt we had to jump at the chance. It’s going to be pretty tight for us over the next few months, but it will be worth it in the end.

It’s a three bedroom, two bath backsplit (I think they call it a multi-level in the States? I’m not sure) with a huge rec room, nice big eat-in kitchen, formal dining room (which I’ll probably make into something else), and a living room. Not to mention lots of basement storage too and a cedar deck. We’re so excited!

Buying a House.

Wayde and I are looking for houses. At first, Wayde wasn’t too sure about the idea and wasn’t as into it as I was, but now I think he’s just as excited. I figure we need to get one because we should start building equity in something and it would be nice to have our own place.

It’ll be kind of tough to leave the co-op, but on the other hand there are some things I won’t miss. If we move into a house, it will probably be in this area, so we’ll keep the few friends we have here and be without the annoyances of actually living here. Best of both worlds.

The politics of living in the co-op suck. If you are the kind of person that never volunteers for anything, everyone leaves you alone and might opt to talk about you behind your back, but more likely will just ignore you. If you’re the kind of person that volunteers for things, then you’re more likely to be talked about — someone is going to have a problem with you. So, you can’t win. You volunteer and someone gets pissed because you couldn’t help them out on X Event or whatever. We do have lives but we also give whatever time we can to help out. It’s retarded.

We moved here to be in a community. Make friends. Too often you move to a new neighborhood and don’t know your neighbors. We’ve lived here for about 2 years and have one pair of friends we hang out with regularly. Everyone else is the kind of friend you say “hi” to once in a while, or maybe chat as you’re out for a walk. And then there’s Carrie, but that’s a whole different story — I just have to make sure she doesn’t walk all over me. She’s got a very, um, forceful personality. I’m the opposite.

Back on topic… We’ve been looking at houses in the area for about 3 weeks or so now. We’re going to go take a look at one tomorrow. It meets all of our criteria, but the one thing it’s somewhat lacking is that it’s as far out as we’d possibly want to live. But, if it’s nice enough, we’ll go for it. We want a big (finished) rec room, 3 bedrooms, and two bathrooms. We also want at least one other room for our computer room if the rec room isn’t big enough to hold both the home theater and our desks, a living room and an average size dining room too.

Political Campaigns.

I have a difficult time with politics. I can never follow it and don’t know enough about history and even current events to make sense of it. This I do know, placing 30-40 small signs 5 feet apart along the side of a street will NOT make me want to elect/vote the advertiser.

I can’t even explain why it bugs me, but it does. I guess it’s because it’s a waste of resources AND it clutters up the environment. I hate advertising period, it’s just not necessary to bombard me (and everyone else) along with it. One sign I could see, but not dozens.


I have a BAAB. Thats Big-Assed Ant Bite. No, I’m not talking about my ass being big and having an ant bite on it.

I went to a park yesterday to read a book. Apparently I didn’t pick a very good spot because by the time I realized an ant was on me, it fell down my back and into my pants. I managed to kill it, but not before it bit me a few times. I have a big welt the size of Texas on one cheek and one the size of Colorado on the other. Okay, maybe the big one is about 4-5 inches in diameter and the other one is 2-3 — but that’s huge for an ant bite.

It itches like MAD.