Porter does NOT like the meter reader!

My dog is one of the kindest, gentlest dogs you’d ever meet. He’s a sucker for attention, wonderful with kids, and isn’t the least bit territorial. It’s a joke in our house that if someone tried to rob us, Porter would most likely drown the burglar in slobber before anything else.

I’ve heard Porter give a low growl to some older men, which I think is because the people who gave him up might have beat him and I’m guessing that one of them was an older man. We got Porter from my roommate 4 years ago and she got him from the pound. When we first got him he was really shy around feet and was a VERY well-behaved dog. You couldn’t pet him with your foot, he would cower away. He’s okay with it now, but he’s had lots of time to become used to a loving environment.

Anyway, I’m rambling. Despite is great disposition, he does NOT like it at ALL when the guy comes to read the meter. Porter is usually outside on a leash (his Husky side of him takes over if he’s not on the leash and he doesn’t come back to us) during the day when it’s not hot, so he’s usually out there when the meter reader guy comes. I know when he comes because Porter starts barking — and Porter doesn’t bark that often, it’s very rare. So, of course, I go out there to get Porter and hold on to him and/or bring him inside. Porter’s hair stand’s up on end and he growls too. It’s not an all-out vicious bark, but more like a warning.

It’s very strange to me because I’ve never seen him act this way with anyone else. We live in a co-op so there are lots of people that walk by on their way to the community garden while Porter is outside, and he doesn’t have a problem with any of them. Even when we first moved here, he never acted that way with anyone — even if we weren’t there when he met them.

I have had Porter for a while but I’ve never owned another dog, so I was wondering if anyone else has a dog that behaves this way? It’s just so odd to me. I almost wonder if the meter reader guy is a “bad” man and Porter can sense that. He seems nice.

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