An old dog taught his owners a new trick.

My dog now has us trained.

I came home one day a couple of weeks ago to a bowl in the middle of the floor in the computer room. Porter’s food bowl. I wondered how it got there, put it back where it belonged (in the dining room down the hall) and put some food in it. Curious, I asked Wayde about it when he got home. No, he said, I didn’t put it there.

This has happened about 4-5 times over the last few weeks.

Sunday, Wayde and I were sitting at our computers while Brucie was sleeping. I heard a noise but didn’t pay attention to it. A few minutes later, I turned around to face Wayde, and there it was: Porter’s food bowl lying between us. “Look!” I said. Porter was sitting at my side, looking at us expectantly.

Damn, that is one smart dog.

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