Is it Sunday already?

Wayde and I watched Vanilla Sky yesterday. I really liked it. I love those surreal-like movies that keep you guessing. I coulda done without the d r a w n out ending. It was probably about 5 minutes too long, at least, but I still liked the movie.

We also rented Mechassault and the new X-Men fighting game for the weekend. I’m not normally a “mech” kinda girl, the PC mech games are usually a little to much for me (all those keyboard controls, agh!) but the X-box game is just arcadish enough for me to handle. The game looks great too — it reminds me of Halo. The X-Men fighting game is kinda neat too. As usual, I kick Wayde’s butt when we first start playing, and he gets a little frustrated. Hehe. If we owned the game, he’d eventually get good enough to be some real competition for me. 🙂

I’m going to my team’s game this morning. I was pleasantly surprised last week when they asked me to join the team as part of the staff since I can’t be on the ice. Of course I said yes! It makes me feel like part of the team and also lets me know that they are serious about keeping me around so I can play again for them next season, when I’m not pregnant. Whew! I don’t know what I’d do without hockey! I suppose I could play on the Rec League, or hope that another OWHA team needs a goalie…not too comforting. The Rec League might not take me since I play at a “too high” level (the reason they gave me two years ago).

Breakfast and a hockey game…what a great way to start the day! I’m off!

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