I cracked the whip.

I felt kinda bad doing it, but then the guy was an asshole so he deserved it.

I take the back roads to get to work now. There is less traffic and even with the snowy roads, I get to work in the same amount of time. Probably faster because I don’t have to drive behind the semis (or “transports” for all you Canadians out there). Since they’re less-traveled roads, they don’t get plowed as quickly, but that’s alright by me because there’s not as much traffic, but there’s enough traffic so that it’s not a completely deserted road.

So I was on my way to work this morning. The road was worse than I expected it to be. The snow was blowing pretty hard, recuding visibility, and the road was completely covered in snow, I couldn’t even see where the road was. I was driving about 50kph, which is maybe a tad faster than I wanted to go, but I was staying the same distance behind the car in front of me, so it seemed okay. The car in front of me was about 10 carlengths or so away, so there was plenty of room.

Apparently I wasn’t going fast enough for the Jerk behind me. He was on my tail for a ways, and then passed me on the two lane road that was covered in snow as I was driving 50kph. He then proceeded to speed up to the car in front of me and tailgate that person for the rest of the ride in. He didn’t get a chance to pass them though. Thank God.

What a JERK. People like that piss me off. Poor visibility, snow-covered roads, and the guy is speeding and tailgating in a van. A company van. That was his mistake. There was a phone number on the back so when we came to the stoplight close to town, I jotted down the phone number and license plate.

I called the company after I got in to work and calmed down and told them the situation. Maybe, just maybe, he’ll think about slowing down next time.

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