Provincials coming up!

Provincials are this weekend.

I haven’t played in almost two weeks, so I feel pretty rusty. I sure wish we could have got some ice time over the last two weeks to get a practice or two in. That would have been nice.

We play Durham West tomorrow afternoon at 1:15, then the London Sharks at 8:45. Saturday we play the Belleville Bearcats at 1:15 and if we make it into first or second out of our pool, we’ll be playing again Saturday night.

All the teams we’re playing are AA teams. We’ve never played Durham or Belleville (at least, not this year) but we’ve tied and lost to the Sharks this year.

I’m nervous, but definitely looking forward to it. Finally, a tournament!

New blogging software by pMachine.

I got an e-mail from pMachine this morning since I’ve paid for the blogging software they developed. They’ve announced a “new generation” blogging software package called ExpressionEngine.

I haven’t looked at it thoroughly yet, but I’m a bit ticked! I bought pMachine less than a year ago, and now they’ve developed something new and are offering current pMachine owners 50% off their new software, which costs $100 after the 50% discount. How generous. I was hoping pM would be more like MT and get upgraded a lot, with new features and capabilities.


Ok, now I’m off to read about EE.

Well…it looks pretty nice. Although I’m not sure I’m prepared to shell out the $100 for it. The features list is broken up into sections and the first section doesn’t seem to have much new but further down the list there seem to be some useful items. Like automatic plugin support. That’s cool. The template features look nice too. But all in all, I’m not sure it’s worth it. I guess I’d have to use it to see, and the “demo” costs $10. I repeat, WTF. You can download a trial that works for 14 days. I’ll wait to read some reviews from the masses first, thankyouverymuch.

Only two games left.

My team only has two games left in the regular season. Wah! I can’t believe hockey season is already coming to an end. We still have playoffs and provincials, but still…it’s almost over.

We’re 13-4-7 and sitting in third (or maybe fourth) place in our league.

We had a sweet victory against Kitchener Wild on Sunday. We won 2-1, woohoo! I particularly like to win against their team, for various reasons. One being that the politics on that team caused two of my very dear friends to seriously re-evaluate their want to play hockey; one has quit and the other is playing. Second, the goalie on their team is a snob. She has made some particularly disparaging remarks that irk me. Third, and not really a good reason but I’ll throw it in anyway, their goalie thinks she’s hot-shit and does this split-save thing after she’s made a save and is sitting on the ice. Uh, yeah. It just bugs me because I know she’s just trying to show off. There are a few other reasons too, but I don’t really need to go into them.

I’m just glad we won.

Waterloo Eagles vs. London Aces

We played the London Aces last night on our home ice. We tied them a couple of weeks ago 1-1, and it was a really good game. Last night we lost 3-0. It’s our first loss this season to a team other than Sarnia. The Sarnia team is the provincial champs and they kick everyone’s asses, so it’s not all that farfetched for us to lose to them. Last night’s game though, wasn’t a good one for us. The first goal I probably could have had, but I was partially screened and it was a really good shot. The second goal was stupid. There was a penalty at the other end of the ice, but I wasn’t sure which team got the penalty so I didn’t start for the bench but my coach started yelling for me to come in, so I assumed he was right that it was the other team that got the penalty. It wasn’t, and they scored. That sucked. The last goal was a really good one too.

The Aces are a good team, and they’ve only lost two games this season — the same number of losses as our team going into last night’s game. So I guess that game puts us third in the standings below the Sarnia team (don’t know what their name is) and the Aces. I look forward to playing them again, probably in the playoffs.

All in all, I felt like I played a really good game. I made one really awesome save, the kind that makes you swell up with ecstasy, and I made another 3 or so great stops. So I felt pretty good about the game. I still think I probably could have had the two goals, but they were good shots so I don’t feel too bad about them.

Provincials are at the end of the month. I can’t believe the hockey season is almost over.