Only two games left.

My team only has two games left in the regular season. Wah! I can’t believe hockey season is already coming to an end. We still have playoffs and provincials, but still…it’s almost over.

We’re 13-4-7 and sitting in third (or maybe fourth) place in our league.

We had a sweet victory against Kitchener Wild on Sunday. We won 2-1, woohoo! I particularly like to win against their team, for various reasons. One being that the politics on that team caused two of my very dear friends to seriously re-evaluate their want to play hockey; one has quit and the other is playing. Second, the goalie on their team is a snob. She has made some particularly disparaging remarks that irk me. Third, and not really a good reason but I’ll throw it in anyway, their goalie thinks she’s hot-shit and does this split-save thing after she’s made a save and is sitting on the ice. Uh, yeah. It just bugs me because I know she’s just trying to show off. There are a few other reasons too, but I don’t really need to go into them.

I’m just glad we won.

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