Guelph Storm moves on to the next round.

Game 7 of the first round between the Storm and Owen Sound was tonight. What a good game! The first period was rather boring, but I missed half of it trying to find parking anyway. The game spiced up in the second period with some goals and nice scrums.

I was going to leave with about 5 minutes left to beat the mad rush out the door since the score was 2-0, but Owen Sound scored to make it 2-1. I couldn’t leave with it being so close! Paille scored with about a minute and a half left on a breakaway to make the final score 3-1. What a beautiful goal.

Whistler, next time I go, I’m going to get pictures of Spike, the Storm mascot for you! Every time I see a mascot, I think of you.

I feel horrible.

Brucie and I have been sick all week. Monday, he and I went to the doctor and she basically told us that we’d be okay in a few days and that it was probably just a virus. She gave us some drops for his eyes. Tuesday and Wednesday were the worst days for B. He had a fever off and on both days. Tylenol seemed to bring it down, but it would go back up once the Tylenol started to wear off. Yesterday he seemed a bit better. He slept from 6pm the night before to 9am that morning, and I had to wake him up from a sound sleep. He was less sleepy and didn’t have a fever until the end of the day. I was going to take him to the doctor yesterday morning, but decided against it because it seemed like he was getting better. I thought for sure he would be okay by today.

This morning he woke up at 6:30 crying and I couldn’t console him. I didn’t know what to do. Eventually I got him calmed down when i gavbe him some water, but he was still pretty whiney. I called the sitter to let her know I wouldn’t be bringing him again today, and headed off to the urgent care clinic.

He has ear infections in both ears. The poor little guy! I feel so bad for not taking him to the doctor yesterday. I called in the morning but they couldn’t fit us in until 4:30 and since I thought he would be okay, I didn’t take that appointment. And our sitter had double ear infections this week too and she was telling me how horrible it is and how painful it is, so now that I know that’s what he has, I feel really bad. I should have taken him yesterday, and since I didn’t, I prolonged his pain.

Now he has antibiotics and I bought some Motrin for him. He finally just went to sleep a little bit ago. I sure hope he gets better soon.

Life goes on…

I haven’t updated in how long? Holy crap. I think about posting every day, but don’t seem to get around to it.

Things have been crazy around here lately. Especially this week. Bruce is sick. I’m sick. The babysitter is sick. Therefore I’ve been off but taking care of a baby and working from home. So I guess I’m not really “off”.

My team’s end-of-the-year party was on Friday. Saturday afternoon I started to feel kinda off and Bruce was being whiney. Saturday night we went to a party at the co-op we used to live in and took Bruce. He liked it, particularly the dancing. He’s got a little girlfriend there. 😀 By the time we left, I was feeling pretty crappy. By Sunday morning I was definitely sick and Bruce wasn’t himself. Monday we both went to the doctor, but Tuesday we both got worse. Wayde stayed home from work to take care of us. Today, he’s still sick and I’m better but not 100%.

So the last couple of days have been pretty rough.

Tonight, I was sitting here on the couch with B and my pager started going off. Every two minutes. I logged in to check the servers and couldn’t stay logged in and got booted, all the while B is starting to freak because I’m not holding him anymore. So I call the office, leave a VM for the only person that might be doing something to the server, and manage to grab B and get some stuff together. I’m just on my way out the door when the guy calls. Thank God because I really, really did not want to be in at work with Bruce being sick and me trying to fix something. Anyway, it all got resolved in about half an hour with one hand on the baby, phone between my shoulder and ear, and one hand on the keyboard. Now that’s talent, ladies and gents.


I’m working on a site for my team now. The Webguy from the Hi-Tech Hockey League is helping me out by letting me use his web-based stats software. Rock on, Chad, you rule!

I’ve got the logo ready for the header to the site, I just need to send it off to him and get the stats from my coach to upload from our season. At least then we’ll have some content.

Also, not hockey related, I know have a blog for all of my Geek Projects. There’s nothing there yet and I’m using WordPress for the blog.

I’m working on a baby blanket for a friend.

I need to update Brucie’s blog, which I’m gonna do right now.

Oh yeah, and I have to fix pMachine permissions on Wayde’s blog.

And I need to upload pics to the gallery. I have tons.

Storm vs Rangers

We saw the Guelph Storm whoop the Kitchener Rangers. Well, maybe not quite a whooping, but it was a good game. My company has a booth, so we were able to let Brucie walk around and stuff when he got restless. He was very good considering he normally would have been going to sleep at about the time we left for the game. He didn’t really even nap in the car on the way either, so he was up the whole time. He fell asleep about 5 minutes from home and zonked right out when I got him in his bed.

It was a pretty good game, the Storm won 6-4. There were a couple of fights and a lot of good hits. Guelph seemed to pretty much dominate the game, but maybe I just think that because it was the atmosphere of the home team. The Rangers goalie sucks. Good Lord. He let in two total softies that even I could have stopped. I kidded to one of our friends there that I should go try out for the Rangers. 😀

The last game of the season for the Storm is tomorrow night against Owen Sound. I think we’re going again. And then playoffs, woot!

There’s no glory in winning if you have to cheat.

Eagles vs Dorchester

We lost 3-2. Now, I’m not a sore loser or anything; in fact, I think we played a damn good game. But when the home team waits 10 minutes to get out on the ice, and the game is ended coincidentally after they get ahead by a goal, it makes me boiling mad. We play them again on Sunday and we’re going to kick their asses.