Life goes on…

I haven’t updated in how long? Holy crap. I think about posting every day, but don’t seem to get around to it.

Things have been crazy around here lately. Especially this week. Bruce is sick. I’m sick. The babysitter is sick. Therefore I’ve been off but taking care of a baby and working from home. So I guess I’m not really “off”.

My team’s end-of-the-year party was on Friday. Saturday afternoon I started to feel kinda off and Bruce was being whiney. Saturday night we went to a party at the co-op we used to live in and took Bruce. He liked it, particularly the dancing. He’s got a little girlfriend there. 😀 By the time we left, I was feeling pretty crappy. By Sunday morning I was definitely sick and Bruce wasn’t himself. Monday we both went to the doctor, but Tuesday we both got worse. Wayde stayed home from work to take care of us. Today, he’s still sick and I’m better but not 100%.

So the last couple of days have been pretty rough.

Tonight, I was sitting here on the couch with B and my pager started going off. Every two minutes. I logged in to check the servers and couldn’t stay logged in and got booted, all the while B is starting to freak because I’m not holding him anymore. So I call the office, leave a VM for the only person that might be doing something to the server, and manage to grab B and get some stuff together. I’m just on my way out the door when the guy calls. Thank God because I really, really did not want to be in at work with Bruce being sick and me trying to fix something. Anyway, it all got resolved in about half an hour with one hand on the baby, phone between my shoulder and ear, and one hand on the keyboard. Now that’s talent, ladies and gents.

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