Provincials are over.

I guess I should update on what happened at the provincials. I haven’t got around to it yet because, well, we lost all of our games.

Friday morning, versus Durham West, we lost 3-2. It was a hard fought game. Everyone played well, they just got some lucky goals. Seriously, I’m not making excuses. The first one was kicked in, the second was off of the face-off (I have NO idea how they got over that quickly!) and the third was a scramble in front of the net after I had saved one shot and two rebounds. They were all about putting the goalie in the net though, and it was truly pissing me off. My coach even made it a point to tell me that I played awesome, so I don’t feel to bad about it.

Friday afternoon we played the London Sharks. They’re in our league so we’ve played them twice this year, tied one and lost one. We lost this game too, 3-1. It was another tough game and I still managed to play well, even though my head and neck were killing me from the hits I took in the first game.

Saturday afternoon we played Belleville Bearcats (is that even an animal), who had also played the other two teams we played the day before and beat both of them. We lost 5-2. They scored four goals in the first period. Oh. My. I thought it was going to be a slaughter. I buckled down and gave it my best, my team came back and gave it their best and ended the second period with a score of 5-1. We scored again in the third, making the score a final 5-2.

Even though we lost all of our games, I think we played well in all of them. All of the teams we were playing were AA teams, so the competition was sure to be tough. We hung in there and gave it our best. Played some great hockey and went home. It was fun!

I just took a look at the final results of the tournament and it looks like Dorchester took the silver medal. Crap. We play them tonight in playoffs.

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