GoalieGeek Alert!

I am on the cutting edge of technology!

I installed our new D-Link Gateway this evening and we are now online with Primus’ Talkbroadband service. I have entered the world of VoIP.

Wayde is on the phone right now giving it the first test. He asked me if it’s a trick, if I really set it up, because it sounds perfect. I did a download test and he said he didn’t even notice me downloading a 20M file at 150-200K/s.

We’re basically giving up our “regular” phone service, meaning that if the internet service goes down, so does our phone, but if it’s really important we can use my cell phone.

With it we get loads of extras, even though we don’t really need it. Best of all, we get unlimited long distance. A HUGE plus considering most of our calls are made to the States. My mom will be thrilled. 🙂

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