Search Engines Help Combat Comment Spam

You may or may not be aware of Google, Yahoo and MSN teaming up to combat comment spam. If you’ve got a blog, take a look at what would be required to add the “rel=nofollow” to any visitor-enabled features. I’ve looked into it for my blog, I use pMachine, and I’ve decided not to comply. Not because it’s not a good idea — it is — but for two reasons:

1. You still get the stupid spam, it just won’t be used by search engines. The fact that it even exists on my blog annoys the hell out of me.
2. If it works, spammers will stop spamming and/or find another avenue to do so and having the “rel=nofollow” link will only be insurance.

You’ve got me all excited.

Thanks to Clark and Steph for commenting on my last entry — now I’m inspired to actually update!

My team played Sarnia last night. They’ve been known to be a really tough team in the past, but they’re not doing as well this year. Key words: “as well”. They’re still in third in the league. We lost 6-0, which is pretty good considering I only had a chance on about 3 of those goals and typically lose by about 8 goals to them.

My friend Nancy is the other goalie for my team. Have I mentioned that I’m playing for the Woodstock Freeze now? Well, if I haven’t, now you know. Special. Anyway, she got injured a few games ago while playing Dorchester. Dorchester is the new “Sarnia” of the league. Hacking, slashing, running up the score. They cheered like crazy after scoring the 6th goal on me. Sheesh. We ended up losing that game 7-3 because we ended up playing 5 on 3 when they had a full penalty box, which allowed us to score 3 goals.

What was I saying?

Oh yeah, so Nancy is injured. It totally sucks for her. She’s the most hockey-passionate person I know (aside from myself of course). It looks like she might be out for the rest of the season, too. When she was playing against Dorchester, they ran the net and she twisted her knee. Somehow she managed to play the rest of the game, but ended up with a torn ligament in her knee. Having played goalie for 30+ years, her knees are already a mess. Wish her a speedy recovery. She’s still running her goalie clinics, so I hope that helps.

I just hope I’m like her when I grow up and still retain the love of hockey she has. 🙂

Work is going well. I feel like I might actually be only slightly drowning in work now, but it’s a good thing. There’s always something to learn. And my title is now Network Administrator rather than “Technician”. Woot!