When your company has one bathroom for 15 women…

…you need to get one of these. Two years ago it was just me in the office. Now every time I go to the bathroom, and of course it’s because I’ve waited so long that I really need to go, it’s locked and I end up doing the Pee Pee Dance out in the hallway. I know I’m not the only one — once I’m in the bathroom, I can usually hear a jiggle of the door handle and a groan from outside the door.

I sure hope we get into the new building soon.

The hazards of a growing company. 🙂

Geek News and Gadgets!

I’ve added two new categories — Geek News and Gadgets. I’m going to be blogging more about new geek things that are coming into the news. I’ve been finding myself ahead of the curve these days on news, so I’ll share with you all!

I’ve got two linkies of goodness to share with you today:

Personalize Google (although I don’t know why they chose “ig”.)
Bittorrent goes trackerless.

Oh yeah, I’ve got one more for you. This is only for the 733t h4X0rs: Das Keyboard. I want one, even though I’m not an uber geek.

Home Theater…Focus

I did some minor changes to my husband’s Home Theater blog today. He’s hugely into home theater and is an audiophile snob, so naturally I needed to step in when I felt the web-techie part of the blog needed some work.

I felt the main problems with the /blog were that A) it wasn’t easy to read due to the looooong length of the entries and b) some of the formatting of titles, date entries, and such could be done better.

So this is the result:



Thanks to Wayde for taking the munchkin out for a while so I could work on it. 🙂