Don’t say the “S” word!

Winter hockey is over, for me at least. And maybe the Leafs.

That’s okay though. Those of you who know me, know that’s not going to stop me. 🙂 Usually I play pickup in the summer, and join a regular weekly hockey session, and do a lot of filling in when a goalie is needed. I tend to actually play more in the summer than in the winter.
Wayde and I have joined the Warren Hockey league. We have played together before on the HTHL, but it wasn’t a regular thing, usually just when his team needed a goalie. The guy that runs the league is a former coach of mine, back when I played for the Waterloo Eagles. Great guy, and a great coach. He “refs” this league, and that is a very loose term. It’s basically organized pickup, but with a ref and stats/scoring. There’s not really any icing or off-sides (except when it’s really really off side). The goal of the game is to have fun, keep the puck moving and keep the game going. This is a very Good Thing because that means I’m actually forced to play the puck, and I definitely need that practice.

Our first game was on Sunday and we won 6-1. It would have been 6-0, but someone had to go and say the “S” word. The other team scored with less than two minutes left. It was one of those knuckleballer wobbly shots, and I have a hard time with those. I’ll take a nice wrist shot over that any day. 🙂

It’s alive!

Well folks, I’m back.

I know. You were waiting so patiently I didn’t even know you were waiting…right? 😉

I’m liking WordPress so far. I had installed it once before, back when it was v1.0 or v1.2, and I was impressed. Good ol’ pMachine switched to ExpressionEngine, which was a little too powerful for me. I currently still have pMachine installed and running, but I have already downloaded my site into static format and will be replacing what’s in the /blog directory with the static content. Or maybe I’ll just leave it the way it is. WordPress apparently has an “export to HTML” feature, so that’s cool.

I’m going to be changing the design, so if you stop by and things look funky, that’s why. Of course, you could always just use the RSS feed and you’d probably never even notice.

I love RSS. 🙂

Wow, I just checked out the HTML version of what I just wrote, since I’m using the WYSIWYG, and I can’t believe it! No extra code in it. Frickin’ amazing.