Sailing, sailing away!

I’ve been traveling a lot over the last few months for both work and pleasure.

  • I went to Las Vegas for a week in November for work and stayed in a really cool room at the MGM. Gotta love that. 🙂 Didn’t come away with more money, but didn’t lose much either. Had the best steak of my life at
  • I spent the weekend at a cute little B&B in Port Stanley in December. There are some very…interesting…people there.
  • I went to New York City just before Christmas with my little guy. He absolutely loved the Museum of Natural History. He talks about the “skeleton dinosaurs” every time we talk about NYC.
  • I spent New Year’s Eve in Niagara Falls (Ontario side).
  • I went to Montreal for the first time earlier this month. Wow, that place is awesome!
  • I’ve been to Pittsburgh a few times, mostly to see the Penguins games. I watched the Leafs get smoked a few weeks ago and I’ve had the privilege of meeting Marc Andre Fleury and Mario Lemieux.
  • I’ve been to Cleveland a couple of times with some friends. One of my good friends just got her US visitors visa (she’s Chinese, so it’s required), so she can get into the States now.

Tomorrow I will be sailing from Ft. Lauderdale to the Bahamas. I can’t even begin to express how excited I am! Pictures upon my return!

(Update: It looks like we might be staying in the Keys due to weather. I’m certainly not complaining, it’s still a great vacation!)

Hockey on the internet.

There are a few hockey sites I visit, but these days I mostly use RSS to catch up on hockey news. When hockey season is in full swing, I use Yahoo! Sports and NHL News for news and game recaps, but I normally visit ESPN or Canoe for score updates. I’ve found that there’s not really a whole lot out there for reading about hockey in general. Other than Wikipedia for history, of course. But what about finding new drills for practice, or off-ice drills, or hockey-specific workouts? Not much.

The NHL has a new beta hockey community called NHL Connect, while it seems like a good idea, it seems rather bland and lacks a certain “fun” aspect.

What hockey websites to you visit? What do you like most about them?

I love pixel art.

A couple of years ago I bought the Superbroncobattle poster from eBoy after scouring the web for a full-size poster of pixel art. It was the only one I could find at the time, and the only one eBoy had, and I wanted it badly. 🙂 I get lots of comments on it and it adds quite a bit of color to an otherwise bland office setting. Expensive, for a poster, but totally worth it.

Yesterday I fell in love with a second eBoy poster. The FooBar poster is a beautiful scene with tons of Web2.0 companies embedded in it. It’s perfect for me because I’m involved heavily in the internet and web publishing these days (just wait until I can tell you what I’m working on!), especially now with my new job change. And it’s so damn cool. Check out the FooBar poster…what do you think?

I heartily welcome 2007.

Last year wasn’t the best year for me. Not all bad, not all good, but it could certainly have been better. All of the changes I endured in my life and lifestyle primarily took place in the latter half of the year. I keep thinking about that site, RealAge, that says certain stressors in your life reduce your real age. I probably took 20 years off my life due to stress.

I’m now separated (the Big D is imminent), I see my son half as much as I’d like, I’ve moved twice and will again in April, and I have a new job (same company, but a career change). Now, I’m not saying these things are all bad, just really stressful. In the long run, all of these changes will be for the better, and I know this.

Ultimately, I’m much happier. And I hope that will re-add 20 years to my life. 🙂

Yay! I fixed my site!

After many months of being in a broken state (mostly due to my host incorrectly canceling my account), my site is operational again. It was throwing 404 errors on all internal links, and could have easily been fixed by updating my .htaccess file…but no, I had to go and do a complete re-install and import my old database before I figured that out. 🙂