Email vs Voice mail

Which do you prefer?

Generally I prefer emailing someone rather than leaving a voice mail because if/when they reply, I can go back and re-read the message.  It also could serve a purpose if there is a miscommunication.  However, sometimes it’s just easier to pick up the phone and call.  On those rare occasions, I hope that they actually pick up and I don’t have to leave a message.

I hate leaving voice mail messages. I’m very conscious of using “uh” and “um” too many times, so I’m either speaking fast to keep from doing it, or they just come out anyway. :)  This problem is even worse if I’m not well-versed on the topic I’m calling about.  “Hi, Bob.  I’m calling about that thingamajiggy on my car.  I don’t remember what it’s called, but it’s making that noise again.  So, um, if you could give me a call back…”

What a trip!

We stayed in Ft. Lauderdale with Daron and Brandy for a couple of days before we all headed out to Miami to get on the boat and sail for The Keys. We didn’t make it to the Bahamas due to weather, which we expected, but we did make it to Islamorada in about 11 hours. Although, when we got there the wind blew us out of the channel and sea-tow had to come and get us and take us the rest of the way in. We can’t say we didn’t have an adventure!

We stayed at the dock at Holiday Isle, which was practically a ghost town due to the weather and the fact that they’re tearing it all down within a month or so. We spent a few days there doing nothing but hanging out. It was quite nice. We wanted
to go parasailing, but the wind speed was too high. We made friends with some of the locals – Brandy even convinced the convenience store attendant to sing happy birthday to her. Hahaha!

After being relatively Blackberry-free (hey, I went a whole 24 hours!) for a few days, we started to head back to Miami, but the parasailing guy found us and, well, we couldn’t NOT go. I couldn’t believe it – it was beautiful. I thought I’d be scared because you’re so high up, but it was actually very relaxing and the view was gorgeous.

It took us about 16 hours or so to get back to Miami due to the winds. We headed out to the Gulf Stream and went as fast as we could…into the wind. Unfortunately we missed our flight, but were able to catch one on another airline and actually made it back 30 minutes before we would have with our original flight. We crossed the border coming from Buffalo with no issues, and made it back without hitting too much traffic.

That was Thursday. Friday we switched out all of our warm-weather clothes with cold-weather clothes, and drove to Collingwood. We spent Saturday and Sunday skiing at Blue Mountain (I wish I had taken pictures). The last run of the day on Sunday ended up in an injury for a member of our party, we had to get the Ski Patrol and everything, and he’s still recovering… But he did learn! I took my little guy up the small bunny hill once; we made it half way before he was too tired to go anymore. I think I’ll take him to the local tiny hill, Chicopee, and get a two hour pass.

We got back from Collingwood Sunday evening and I packed up my hockey stuff and played a game. Yes, I was exhausted!

Now everything is back to normal, and I’m resting up from having been on vacation. 🙂