Dear Mac: The Mystery Letter

I took a Lenovo Thinkpad running Mac OS X to work two weeks ago because I needed to do some work in Omnigraffle. I showed it off to the willing geeks who properly “ooohed” and “aaahed” over it. :D

Later that week I hijacked a Mini Mac from another project in the company (we’re a nearly pure Microsoft/IBM shop) to set it up at my desk and use it for a week or so.

When I returned from Web 2.0 Expo, the following note was stuck to the Mini Mac.

(Mystery Letter)

I still don’t know who wrote it, but I’ve got it pinned up in my cubicle.

San Francisco and Web 2.0 Expo — Final Thoughts

Okay, let me try this again. WordPress ate my first post on this a few days ago.

I was kind of disappointed by the Web 2.0 Expo. The information in the sessions was very basic and I didn’t feel like I learned anything other than I know a lot of what they were talking about. One good thing came out of it, I know a lot about Web 2.0. Hah!

The wifi absolutely sucked.  You could get on but couldn’t do anything with it.  How techy.
I got to meet a few interesting people while I was there, but unfortunately I never got used to the time change and was a walking zombie for three days. :)

My brother lives in SF and I was able to meet up with him and his girlfriend. I haven’t seen him in about seven (yikes!) years, so it was really really nice to see him. They took me up to the Twin Peaks and it was an absolutely gorgeous, clear night. We had dinner at an Italian restaurant and the food was amazing. I definitely have to make a special trip back to SF for at least a few days to see the sights and catch up with him again.

I took pictures but Vista isn’t playing nice with the camera so I’ll get them up as soon as I can find my SD reader.

Web 2.0 Notes from the Power Room

Well, I landed in SFO on Saturday. We had some fun trying to get to our hotel – the driver dropped us off at the wrong Hilton. He wasn’t the smartest cabbie, nor the friendliest. Or the safest for that matter. We got another cab to the right hotel and got a few drinks while we planned our session strategy. I was completely exhausted.

Sunday’s first session was excellent. Kelly Goto (Gotomedia) is an excellent speaker and has a LOT to say. The session was long but I didn’t even notice. Unfortunately there was another session at the same time that I wanted to go to, but I didn’t realize it because they had switched the schedules. Grr!

I also went to The New Hybrid Designer this morning, which was more of a discussion among the panelists about the hybridization of development and design. “Community, communication, and curiosity are the key elements.” Great quote.

The next session was even better – Embracing Chaos: Designing for and With Community. Mike Beltzner from Mozilla gave an excellent presentation and I took a lot of notes.

Most of the stuff I’m hearing here is really nothing new, but it’s good to know that I’m not grossly undereducated or uninformed.

The wifi access is pretty bad, but I’ve got EVDO as a backup so I’m surviving.

Hockey and the internet? Count me in!

I finally found some time to sit down and breathe a bit and actually post to my blog. I’ve been working all hours, trying to fit my life around work, and getting little sleep. I’m actually supposed to be working right now, but I figured I needed to step back for a bit and then tackle it with a fresh mind.

I’m really excited to be working on as it combines the two passions in my life – hockey and the internet. I can’t really say anything here other than it’s going to kick ass (and the design will be 1000% better than what’s there now). It had better kick ass because I need and like my job!

Now if I can just get someone to pay me to play hockey too…

Another reason to use

I’ve been using for quite some time now. I’m even geeky enough to have my actual name as my username on it. Look under Angela for my bookmarks.

A new FireFox extension came out today that makes using it even easier…and I didn’t think it was possible. Now you can search your tags as part of the browser rather than loading the site. Get Bookmarks and try it out.