Web 2.0 Notes from the Power Room

Well, I landed in SFO on Saturday. We had some fun trying to get to our hotel – the driver dropped us off at the wrong Hilton. He wasn’t the smartest cabbie, nor the friendliest. Or the safest for that matter. We got another cab to the right hotel and got a few drinks while we planned our session strategy. I was completely exhausted.

Sunday’s first session was excellent. Kelly Goto (Gotomedia) is an excellent speaker and has a LOT to say. The session was long but I didn’t even notice. Unfortunately there was another session at the same time that I wanted to go to, but I didn’t realize it because they had switched the schedules. Grr!

I also went to The New Hybrid Designer this morning, which was more of a discussion among the panelists about the hybridization of development and design. “Community, communication, and curiosity are the key elements.” Great quote.

The next session was even better – Embracing Chaos: Designing for and With Community. Mike Beltzner from Mozilla gave an excellent presentation and I took a lot of notes.

Most of the stuff I’m hearing here is really nothing new, but it’s good to know that I’m not grossly undereducated or uninformed.

The wifi access is pretty bad, but I’ve got EVDO as a backup so I’m surviving.

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