What if the Internet Mob isn’t right?

I had been seeing “spread this number” posts flying around on a few RSS feeds I follow for trends. The number the Internet Mob is trying to spread is a code that will allow you to decrypt almost any HD-DVD. After reading one post on it and what it was, I never really gave it much thought other than, “Wow, this is everywhere.”

A quick search for spread this number shows the numerous posts on Digg and elsewhere, and even displays the code in the search results. (Edited to add: Google has now received it’s own personal Cease and Desist letter from AACS.)
TechCrunch has an article (Digg Surrenders to Mob) on how Digg responded to a takedown notice (by removing the post and suspending the account) and the Mob revolted by posting and reposting the number. Digg invariably gave in, with this comment on their blog:

“If we lose, then what the hell, at least we died trying.”

So my question is…what would happen if Digg does die trying? Then what will the Mob have to say? And where would they say it?

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