Network issues on Vista.

I’ve been having network issues on my Vista install for months. I think I did a Windows Update one day, months ago, that broke it. I couldn’t get into Network properties at all – whenever I tried I would get a blank screen. I couldn’t update my VPN connection at all, getting into the properties of it was impossible. Blank windows that weren’t responding seemed to be the prevalent issue, and when I was able to see the status of the network it would say “Server execution failed”.

It seems you need to add the NT Authority/Local Service to the Administrators account. Yeah, it’s dodgy, but it worked for me.

Right click “Computer”
Click “Manage”
Under the “System Tools” section, expand “Local Users and Groups”
Click “Groups”
Open “Administrators”
Click “Add”
Click “Advanced”
Click “Find Now”
Double click “Local Service”
Click “Ok”
“NT Authority\Local Service” should show up in the list now
Click “Ok”
Close Computer Management and reboot.

And of course I can’t find where I found this originally…

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