Meet Zoe, our Quaker Parrot

The newest member of our family is Zoe. She’s a quaker parrot.


We had been discussing the possibility of getting another pet. They want a dog, but for me that is out of the question. I’m allergic to cats. We already have a ball python (Tony) and a leopard gecko (Spot), and I wasn’t too keen on the idea of another pet that I’d have to take care of. I half-heartedly suggested a bird, and I was promised that I wouldn’t be the only one taking care of it if we got one. (So far, so good, I should note.)

We searched online for a good bird to get. We wanted a larger bird, a smart one and preferably one that has the ability to talk. We didn’t find anything definitive, but it seemed to be that the cockatiel would be a good option. We visited at least 4 or 5 different pet stores. Some of the pet stores we went to were really quite sad. The birds were miserable and really shy. We found one cockatiel that was really friendly. The staff was amazing at the mall store, and I was surprised because it was one of those pet stores in a mall, so we told them we’d think about it and come back.

We had one more store on our list to see. They claimed to have a bunch of different kinds of birds. When we got there, they had an Amazon Green and two Quaker Parrots in the front window. They also had about 4 or 5 cockatiels inside, as well as a ton of budgies, finches, and parakeets. It turns out the cockatiels weren’t too friendly, but the quaker parrots and amazon green were okay. The girl that was helping us told us she had another quaker parrot in the back that she was just playing with, so we asked if we could hold that one too. It turns out, the girl was actually going to keep this parrot for herself but it turns out she can’t.

As soon as she brought it out and we held her, we were in love. She was so friendly and calm. Quaker parrots do this little purring-like thing, and it’s so cute. We melted.

Zoe is 3 months old and we have dubbed her female. We won’t know until we get her tested — you have to DNA test quaker parrots to find out what sex they are. She has quite the personality! She’s very cuddly and loves to sit on anyone’s shoulder. We just have to work on training her to NOT poop there, too. 🙂

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