Archives are back, and I’m happy!

It took me the better part of a day, and I will have to pay for it by working into the night, but it’s done. With Google cache and the WayBack Machine, I’ve been able to get most of my archived posts back, and then some. I’m sure I’m still missing a few entries here and there, but I was able to go all the way back to my very first post. It was actually a little surreal taking a little trip backwards in time. Kind of like watching the last 7 years of my life in rewind.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Randall of BigWhiteGuy in Hong Kong for being the one to get me started in blogging. I don’t think he even said anything to encourage it, but reading his blog and interacting with him after I moved to Canada made me feel like there was more I could do than sit and wait for my permanent residence. He also introduced me to Wide Mouth Mason. 🙂

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