8 Annoying Oversights Arena Designers Make

Normally I detest top X lists, but I started making this one in my head tonight as I parked in an arena for a late game, and I figured it would be a fun post for a Friday. šŸ™‚

1. The parking lot is 5 miles from the front door. Seriously, hockey players and especially goalies have to carry a lot of crap all the way from the automobile to the door. There’s a reason a ton of hockey bags have wheels now, but that doesn’t make it okay to require us to walk to the arena from Timbuktu. And wheels suck in the snow.

2. The doors are “regular” size. Dude, hockey bags don’t fit through doors very easily. Oversized doors and/or working sliding doors are an amazing invention. Use them!

3. Stairs between the ice and the change room. (OMG, I have become Canadianized, I don’t say “locker room” anymore!) Believe it or not, I’ve seen this on a few occasions. And one arena near Waterloo, Ontario actually super narrow stairs with a turn-around in the middle of the flight of stairs. Try getting through there with goalie equipment on. I’m 5′ tall and it’s a squeeze.

4. No visible board for change room numbers. Even worse is when they make you give your keys for a room key, and it’s a late game, so the attendant is no where to be found when you need to get your keys back.

4. No bar. For Pete’s sake, this should be a requirement!

5. No benches or viewing area. If it’s a super-cold rink, the very basic glass dividing the foyer and the rink is much appreciated by fans.

6. Boards that are ridiculously high — not suitable for jumping over. There’s an arena (in London, Ontario I think) that, I kid you not, the boards come nearly up to my neck. Not only that, but the doors are half the size of normal. Line changes are not swift.

7. Tiny change rooms. You have to have enough to fit 10-15 hockey players and their equipment.

8. I saved the best for last. Only a urinal in the change room. No toilet. I’m not kidding. Almost as bad is when there’s no door!

I’m sure there are more. Feel free to add your own!

Please Don’t Replace Text Articles with Video

I’m increasingly seeing short videos replacing actual written articles. Not complementing, “replacing”. And I’m not a fan of it.

I can’t skim a video. With all the content out there on the Internet that I’m aching to consume, I don’t have time to watch even a 60 second video. I currently have 11,162 unread items in my RSS reader. Now, granted, I’ve become pretty good at filtering out what I don’t care about. I drop feeds I don’t read and skim through the feeds I do for information that interests me. (Sifting through the noise can be a whole new post, I thnk!) But when I click through to the website, if necessary, and I’m presented with a video, I’m just annoyed. If I *know* it’s a video, I’m actually less likely to visit the site.

Online video certainly has its place. I frequently visit YouTube with my 5 year old and watch videos of sharks. I’ve watched a TV show or two online, although I normally download them. I’ve looked for video content of “how to” do some hardware repairs. But in all of these cases Iā€™m seeking the video out, not being bombarded with it upon entry to a site.

What do you think?

Barack Obama is NOT Muslim

I was sent an email today that seemed to have two purposes. It was a chain email from a Dr. John Tisdale urging Christians to not vote for Barack Obama. It also claims that Barack Obama is the Anti-Christ.

I find the email I was sent horrendously offensive for several reasons but primarily because it’s clearly based on something other than fact. People need to do their OWN research about political candidates and not believe every email that comes in their inbox. And coming from a supposed “Doctor” John Tisdale that purports to be a Christian does not make it credible.

Here is the email:


This will make you re-think:

A Trivia question in Sunday School:

How long is the beast allowed to have authority in Revelations?

Revelations Chapter 13 tells us it is 42 months, and you know what that is. Almost a four-year term of a Presidency. All I can say is ” Lord, Have mercy on us!”

According to The Book of Revelations the anti-Christ is:

The anti-Christ will be a man, in his 40’s, of MUSLIM descent, who will deceive the nations with persuasive language, and have a MASSIVE Christ-like appeal…the prophecy says that people will flock to him and he will promise false hope and world peace, and when he is in power, will destroy everything…

Do we recognize this description??

I STRONGLY URGE each one of you to post this as many times as you can! Each opportunity that you have to send it to a friend or media outlet.. do it! I refuse to take a chance on this unknown candidate who came out of nowhere.

From: Dr. John Tisdale

Dear Friends,

As I was listening to a news program last night, I watched in horror as Barack Obama made the statement with pride. “We are no longer a Christian nation; we are now a nation of Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists…” As with so many other statements I’ve heard him (and his wife) make, I never thought I’d see the day that I’d hear something like that from a presidential candidate in this nation. To think our forefathers fought and died for the right for our nation to be a Christian nation–and to have this man say with pride that we are no longer that. How far this nation has come from what our founding fathers intended it to be. I hope that each of you will do what I’m doing now–send your concerns, written simply and sincerely, to the Christians on your email list. With God’s help, and He is still in control of this nation and all else, we can show this man and the world in November that we are, indeed, still a Christian nation!

Please pray for our nation!

How offensive!

Obama is not a Muslim. (Source) A quick internet search of “Obama is not Muslim” returns a plethora of articles indicating such and the source link I’ve given provides plenty of support to that fact.

He did not say “we are no longer a Christian nation”. He said we are no longer ‘just’ a Christian nation, but a nation of many other faiths as well. The actual quote is, “Whatever we once were, we are no longer a Christian nation ā€“ at least, not just. We are also a Jewish nation, a Muslim nation, a Buddhist nation, and a Hindu nation, and a nation of nonbelievers.” (Video) Thank you Doctor, for twisting it to suit your own purposes.

The claim that Our forefathers did not live and die to make the United States of America a Christian nation. Just the opposite, in fact. They fought for the separation of Church and state!

And the Anti-Christ? Come on. So 42 months is “almost” a four-year term. Does that mean every President is a potential Anti-Christ? And it mentions “massive Christ-like appeal” in the same email that claims he’s Muslim. That’s a little contradictory, isn’t it? “He will promise false hope and world peace” — also a typical Presidential candidate promise, right?

And exactly where in Revelations does it say the Anti-Christ will be of Muslim descent?

Snopes – Is Barack Obama the Anti-Christ?

If the only reason to vote for McCain is because you think Obama is the Anti-Christ…you should do a little of your own research on both candidates from reputable sources.

6 Things about Me – A Meme

I’ve been tagged.Ā  I don’t usually do memes, but, as dani3boyz pointed out, I haven’t posted to my blog in 8 months, and this is just the thing to give me a kick-start. Thanks, girl!

For this meme, I’m supposed to tell you 6 things you wouldn’t know about me from reading my blog. I’ve had my blog for 8 years, but I don’t think anyone will be checking so maybe I can cheat? Or I can just blog about anything that has happened in the last 8 months. Just kidding. šŸ™‚ I’ll try to be a little more creative than that.

Some of the most basic things you know are: I’m a hockey goalie, hobby photographer, a mom, business owner, and a geek. Let’s see if we can expand on that.

I skipped a grade.

Most people don’t know this about me, actually. I graduated high school when I was 16. Because my birthday falls in September I started Kindergarten when I was 4, but halfway through Kindergarten I started going to both first grade and my Kindergarten class, then the next year I went to second grade. So, I essentially skipped a grade.

Having done so early on didn’t make much difference to me while I was going to school. I’m pretty short so it was more that trait that made me different from everyone else rather than my age. Until I got to high school that is. I wasn’t permitted to do a lot of the things my friends were because of my age (and my parent’s wishes). I did well in school though, and I never really had to try very hard. Except at history, even then I only needed to put forth some effort. And only because I hated it. šŸ™‚ Oh, and Algebra. Yuck.

I worked on F-15 Eagles.

I grew up in a military family and I moved a lot. So, when I graduated at 16 I got a part time job and started going to college, but quickly realized that I wasn’t going to be able to do what I wanted to (work with computers) as a career in Smalltown, North Carolina. So I joined the Air Force. My step-dad was a Marine and there was no way in Hell I was going to do that, and the Army and Navy weren’t appealing to me. I signed up shortly after I turned 17 (which, incidentally, is also when I moved away from home) and my mom had to authorize it. Two months later, March of 1993, off I went to basic training.

I went in with a guaranteed job field of “Electronics”, and in basic training I chose my job. The only reason I chose my job was because a) it was in Colorado and I really really wanted to go there, and b) because it sounded cool. I went to tech school at Lowry, AFB (which no longer exists) and trained for F-15 Avionics for about 10 months before heading off to England for my first assignment. I was a F-15 (C and E) Electronics Warfare Technician for the next 3 years.

I love my liquor.

Not in a bad way, but I love scotch, gin, vodka, you name it. I’m allergic to some beer and some wine. I’m allergic to sulfa and there are sulfites in some beer and wine. That said, I’m very careful about which ones I drink and I can usually tell immediately if I’m allergic or not. I’m a beer snob; you won’t ever catch me drinking anything lighter than amber and certainly not anything with “light” attached to the name. I love wine too, although it seems to affect my allergies more than beer. I stick to bordeaux or margeaux, which don’t affect me.

I collect Stephen King novels.

The Shining was the first SK novel I read — when I was 9. I think it’s kind of funny that I went from Encyclopedia Brown and Judy Blume books to Stephen King. I started collecting SK novels when I was 15 and I have all of them to date in hardback. I don’t have his non-fiction stuff, and I have one or two of the softcover only books, but I have all of his actual novels. Misery is the only book I haven’t read all the way through, it was way too boring. I actually enjoyed the movie way more than the book, which is pretty rare. IT is my favorite, and The Talisman is close behind (although that was a collaboration).

I’ve always been a fan of horror, and I enjoy just about any horror flick, even if it’s cheesy.

You will die if you hear me sing.

I have the worst singing voice, but I really wish I could sing well. It makes me happy to sing, I just need to turn up the radio so I can’t hear myself. šŸ˜‰

I’m a professional back-end web geek.

You may know I run my own IT consulting company, but you may not know that I know a lot about back-end support of IIS. I managed the infrastructure for a startup that went from 1 server to well over 100 in less than 2 years. Multiple web farms responsible for millions of dollars of revenue per month. If we were down for 5 minutes during peak traffic, that was tens of thousands of dollars lost. Yes, stressful, but I also got pretty damn good at what I did. I was the “web goddess”. šŸ™‚

I’ve built websites for clients, although I’d much rather do it for fun. I prefer the back-end support side of things. Managing IIS, virtual sites, dedicated IP sites, isapi_rewrite, web-farms, DNS, host headers…I just love it! I only wish I knew more about PHP and Apache. I know nothing about it and have never had time to learn.

Next up:Ā I’m tagging these 6 people!


Continuing with the meme, I’m tagging 6 additional people.Ā  Have at it, peeps!