Why you SHOULD change your social media avatar

I’m a social media junkie.  I’ve been on Twitter since February 2007 and I’ve joined numerous social media sites over the years.  I obviously don’t use them all, and truth be told I use Twitter the most, but I do at least try one out it sounds interesting to me.

I’ve noticed that people in general seem to be adverse to changing their avatar, or they don’t like it when someone does.  Understandable since really that’s your only unique link to that person.  However, I think it CAN be a good thing if it’s done right.  Changing your avatar can mean more familiarity rather than confusion.

The key is to only alter your avatar slightly.

If you have a mugshot of you face, and most people do, change it often and keep the camera distance relatively the same. Think of it as a really, really slow framerate on a webcam video.

If you don’t have a mugshot, the concept is still the same.  Keep the theme (sport? your dog? a nature scene?) similar. Folks will have an easier time recognizing it as you.

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