A day in Talinn, Estonia (Vacation Part 4)

We stayed up pretty late last night – mostly because we were doing well in the casino. 🙂 We woke up around 10 am or so and grabbed a quick bite to eat before walking into town.

Talinn is beautiful. I couldn’t stop taking pictures. Again, we had no set plan other than walking around and getting a bite to eat. Oh, and we were going to visit a market that was rumored to have old cameras, which J wanted to check out.

IMG_0792Right outside the dock they had vendors, as usual, but there was a young man with medieval gear on display and some old-style bow and arrows. Bruce wanted to see the swords and shields. We noticed he had targets set up – Jake donned a cape and a knight’s helmet and shot the bow and arrows.


So we walked into the city. It’s really only about a 5-10 minute walk from the dock.


We made it to the street with all the shops and touristy stuff pretty quickly.  There was a cute little park overlooking the street that we hung out at for a little while.  Bruce got to play for a bit and we people-watched.

We continued up the street and someone handed me a flyer for a Museum of Torture. Of course, I had told Bruce about some of the castles in England having torture chambers, which was very interesting to him, so he wanted to go. The “museum” is quite small, but Bruce loved it.

We went to the kitschiest restaurant! There was no customer facing electricity – candles everywhere, even on the stairs going down to the WC. They served traditional food like bear, elk, duck, etc. Jake got the bear dinner, I got duck (which I’ve never had) and we ordered sausages for Bruce. We didn’t tell him what kind of sausages they were until he was done. ;-)  He did try everything on his plate, but he only liked the sausages. They also served berries, sauerkraut, turnips, some kind of grain-rice stuff and something else I can’t pronounce so I can’t spell.  Unfortunately I had about two too many Raspberry Torte martinis last night so I wasn’t able to thoroughly enjoy it, but it was really good..


We got Bruce some ice cream (he tried pistachio and loved it) a little further down the street and then caught a cab to the market about 10 minutes away, I got my mom a souvenir spoon (I get her one every where I go) and we just walked around.  It was quite a bit bigger than we expected so we didn’t really have time to look for the camera place. We walked around most of it however.

We found a cab driver and explained we wanted to get back to the dock. Neither of us were entirely sure that he understood what we meant, so we got in and hoped for the best. The market isn’t in a touristy part of town so no one spoke English. Luckily, he must have understood us because we were at the boat in 5 minutes.

Jake and I dropped Bruce off at the Kids Club and went to a Mystery Theater Dinner, which was pretty fun. Neither of us had done it before. I was the table captain, and if you know me then you know that talking to a bunch of strangers is NOT my thing. I managed. Jake was highly amused at how red my face would get.

We went to the spa to relax for a while, then I took Bruce to get some food and turn in for the day. We’ve got to be up early tomorrow – we need to get down to the dock as early as humanly possible so we can get through immigration in a sane amount of time.

I’m SO excited for St. Petersburg tomorrow!

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