Southwest US RV Trip, Part Four

Not too much to report from today, which is kind of good because while I’m writing this, I’m also uploading the last two posts!

We got up early this morning, made breakfast, and got on the road to drive to Phoenix. We took the scenic route from Grand Canyon Village to Flagstaff, which was absolutely gorgeous. Unfortunately, I’m too lazy to upload pics because they’re on my camera SD card. Maybe later.

When we got to Flagstaff we filled up and found the local Walmart for supplies. It is worth mentioning that it is definitely the nicest and Walmart I have ever been in! Not only was the scenery beautiful, but the parking lot wasn’t massive and it wasn’t overcrowded with people. That said, Flagstaff itself looks like a very nice town to live in.

Most Scenic Walmart Ever, Flagstaff

Most Scenic Walmart Ever, Flagstaff

We drove to Phoenix, and then all the way through it to Apache Junction.

Jake and I made a delicious meal in the RV oven. The damn smoke detector goes off if you look at it, which is always amusing because we forget that it does that.

We’re now parked at the Mesa Apache Junction KOA. We haven’t decided if we’re going to head out tomorrow but I think we will because the next campground we’re going to is more secluded and has a lot more things to do. Tonight we were all just lazy, which is totally cool with me!

Chillin' at the KOA

Chillin' at the KOA

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