I Said Yes!

Jake and I are in Aruba for the first time. Normally when we go away we have multiple destinations because we like to explore. This time, however, we decided to spend a week in Aruba. We rented a Jeep after arriving so we can explore the island.

On our second day, yesterday, we decided to drive down to the south end of the island to Baby Beach. It was a nice drive. I think it took about 45 minutes or so. We passed Rogers Beach, which is actually right next to Baby Beach and saw that it was pretty much completely deserted. We continued on to Baby Beach but when we saw that it was quite a bit more populated than the next beach over, we doubled back.

I snapped a few photos and set up the beach chairs. I decided I’d try to get a timed photo of the two of us. I set up the camera and as I got back to Jake…


Needless to say, I was shocked. 🙂 And, of course, I said yes!

Meet Zoe, our Quaker Parrot

The newest member of our family is Zoe. She’s a quaker parrot.


We had been discussing the possibility of getting another pet. They want a dog, but for me that is out of the question. I’m allergic to cats. We already have a ball python (Tony) and a leopard gecko (Spot), and I wasn’t too keen on the idea of another pet that I’d have to take care of. I half-heartedly suggested a bird, and I was promised that I wouldn’t be the only one taking care of it if we got one. (So far, so good, I should note.)

We searched online for a good bird to get. We wanted a larger bird, a smart one and preferably one that has the ability to talk. We didn’t find anything definitive, but it seemed to be that the cockatiel would be a good option. We visited at least 4 or 5 different pet stores. Some of the pet stores we went to were really quite sad. The birds were miserable and really shy. We found one cockatiel that was really friendly. The staff was amazing at the mall store, and I was surprised because it was one of those pet stores in a mall, so we told them we’d think about it and come back.

We had one more store on our list to see. They claimed to have a bunch of different kinds of birds. When we got there, they had an Amazon Green and two Quaker Parrots in the front window. They also had about 4 or 5 cockatiels inside, as well as a ton of budgies, finches, and parakeets. It turns out the cockatiels weren’t too friendly, but the quaker parrots and amazon green were okay. The girl that was helping us told us she had another quaker parrot in the back that she was just playing with, so we asked if we could hold that one too. It turns out, the girl was actually going to keep this parrot for herself but it turns out she can’t.

As soon as she brought it out and we held her, we were in love. She was so friendly and calm. Quaker parrots do this little purring-like thing, and it’s so cute. We melted.

Zoe is 3 months old and we have dubbed her female. We won’t know until we get her tested — you have to DNA test quaker parrots to find out what sex they are. She has quite the personality! She’s very cuddly and loves to sit on anyone’s shoulder. We just have to work on training her to NOT poop there, too. 🙂

Our tree is up!

I’m so proud. Our first tree.

We put it up Sunday afternoon after I got back from running around all morning. All of our shopping is done and the tree us up…all just in time for the first of December. It’s a new record, and not one I’m likely to beat for years to come. I wouldn’t want to do it any earlier anyway.

Brucie is fascinated with the Christmas tree lights. I just hope Porter doesn’t try to pee on it.

Don’t mind the mess on the floor. This was before we cleaned up our mess. 😀


Christmas shopping!

We did our Christmas shopping, what was left of it, early yesterday morning. We left the house at 10:30, an hour later than I intended, and got out of the mall sometime around 1. It was starting to get pretty packed in there, so I was glad to leave. Our shopping is now done! Woohoo! I think this is the earliest I have ever got all my shopping done. Well, not all. I have a few things I have to get today, but they’re not really gifts so it doesn’t count.

I decided that I have a very odd shopping list today:

1.       Christmas tree and decorations

2.       tennis balls (for Porter, he has no toys)

3.       2 yo-yos, intermediate

4.       X2 dvd

5.       toilet paper
What’s really cool is that I can get them all at the same place, Canadian Tire! Er, except the DVD, I’m actually getting that from a friend’s store.

I’m leaving as close to 9 as I can, to beat the rush.

Is it Sunday already?

Wayde and I watched Vanilla Sky yesterday. I really liked it. I love those surreal-like movies that keep you guessing. I coulda done without the d r a w n out ending. It was probably about 5 minutes too long, at least, but I still liked the movie.

We also rented Mechassault and the new X-Men fighting game for the weekend. I’m not normally a “mech” kinda girl, the PC mech games are usually a little to much for me (all those keyboard controls, agh!) but the X-box game is just arcadish enough for me to handle. The game looks great too — it reminds me of Halo. The X-Men fighting game is kinda neat too. As usual, I kick Wayde’s butt when we first start playing, and he gets a little frustrated. Hehe. If we owned the game, he’d eventually get good enough to be some real competition for me. 🙂

I’m going to my team’s game this morning. I was pleasantly surprised last week when they asked me to join the team as part of the staff since I can’t be on the ice. Of course I said yes! It makes me feel like part of the team and also lets me know that they are serious about keeping me around so I can play again for them next season, when I’m not pregnant. Whew! I don’t know what I’d do without hockey! I suppose I could play on the Rec League, or hope that another OWHA team needs a goalie…not too comforting. The Rec League might not take me since I play at a “too high” level (the reason they gave me two years ago).

Breakfast and a hockey game…what a great way to start the day! I’m off!

She’s alive!

I decided to actually update my blog, woohoo! Things are finally settling down here. The move is done and I’ve started work full time. Hockey season is under way too, and I’ve been playing a LOT of hockey. It’s so nice to be back into it. My performance level doesn’t seem to be where it should be, but then I could be imagining myslf being better in previous years. I’ll pick it up, I’m sure.

I’ve added my blogrolls into my menu on the left. I’ve left them out for so long because, well, it’s so long. I’ll be going through and cleaning it out. There are a few links I’d like to remove anyway. I’ve also added the blogroll from Bruce’s site.

I have so much to say that I don’t even know what to say.

I briefly met our new neighbors last week when Bruce and I were on our way out the door in the morning. They have a little boy too, although he looks to be around four or so.

It’s so awesome having all this space in the house. I love it. My computer is in the rec room, which is long enough to accomodate the couch and home theater, a futon in front of the fireplace, and my desk in a corner, with space left over. It’s not crowded in here at all. This is easily the coziest room, and biggest room, in the house. It’s basically the reason why we bought it. 🙂 The kitchen is awesome too, nice and big with lots of cabinets…and a dishwasher. OMG, you have no idea how much I appreciate that.


Well, we’re in the middle of moving now. I’m packing stuff up while Brucie is at the sitters during the day and we have a truck rented for Friday and Saturday to move everything. Wayde’s parents are coming Friday (or maybe Thursday, I’m not sure) to help out with the move. It’s really nice of them to do so! Wayde also has some friends from work coming on Saturday to help out with the big stuff. I have two rec hockey games Saturday night, so I’ll miss some of the “moving party” we’re having after the truck gets returned at 4pm.

So, yeah, I’ve been pretty damn busy lately.

We have the keys!

I got the keys to our new house yesterday! I made a trip with some stuff packed in my car last night, our fridge and stove will be delivered today, and Wayde will be setting up as much of the stereo as he can today too.

I’m so excited!

I’m going to take the camera today and take pics, hopefully I can post them this weekend!

An old dog taught his owners a new trick.

My dog now has us trained.

I came home one day a couple of weeks ago to a bowl in the middle of the floor in the computer room. Porter’s food bowl. I wondered how it got there, put it back where it belonged (in the dining room down the hall) and put some food in it. Curious, I asked Wayde about it when he got home. No, he said, I didn’t put it there.

This has happened about 4-5 times over the last few weeks.

Sunday, Wayde and I were sitting at our computers while Brucie was sleeping. I heard a noise but didn’t pay attention to it. A few minutes later, I turned around to face Wayde, and there it was: Porter’s food bowl lying between us. “Look!” I said. Porter was sitting at my side, looking at us expectantly.

Damn, that is one smart dog.

Porter does NOT like the meter reader!

My dog is one of the kindest, gentlest dogs you’d ever meet. He’s a sucker for attention, wonderful with kids, and isn’t the least bit territorial. It’s a joke in our house that if someone tried to rob us, Porter would most likely drown the burglar in slobber before anything else.

I’ve heard Porter give a low growl to some older men, which I think is because the people who gave him up might have beat him and I’m guessing that one of them was an older man. We got Porter from my roommate 4 years ago and she got him from the pound. When we first got him he was really shy around feet and was a VERY well-behaved dog. You couldn’t pet him with your foot, he would cower away. He’s okay with it now, but he’s had lots of time to become used to a loving environment.

Anyway, I’m rambling. Despite is great disposition, he does NOT like it at ALL when the guy comes to read the meter. Porter is usually outside on a leash (his Husky side of him takes over if he’s not on the leash and he doesn’t come back to us) during the day when it’s not hot, so he’s usually out there when the meter reader guy comes. I know when he comes because Porter starts barking — and Porter doesn’t bark that often, it’s very rare. So, of course, I go out there to get Porter and hold on to him and/or bring him inside. Porter’s hair stand’s up on end and he growls too. It’s not an all-out vicious bark, but more like a warning.

It’s very strange to me because I’ve never seen him act this way with anyone else. We live in a co-op so there are lots of people that walk by on their way to the community garden while Porter is outside, and he doesn’t have a problem with any of them. Even when we first moved here, he never acted that way with anyone — even if we weren’t there when he met them.

I have had Porter for a while but I’ve never owned another dog, so I was wondering if anyone else has a dog that behaves this way? It’s just so odd to me. I almost wonder if the meter reader guy is a “bad” man and Porter can sense that. He seems nice.